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Daunt (v.)
to make fearful; to intimidate
Dearth (n.)
lack; scaracity
Debacle (n.)
violent breakdown; sudden overthrow
Debauchery (n.)
wild living; excessive intemperance
Deblitate (v.)
to weaken; to cripple
Decadent (adj.)
decaying or decayed, especially in terms of moral
Decimate (v.)
to kill or destroy a lare part of
Decorous (adj.)
proper; in good taste; orderly
Deduce (v.)
to conclude from the evidence; to infer
Defame (v.)
to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of
Deference (n.)
submission to another's will; respect; courtsey
Definitive (adj.)
conclusive; providing the last word
Degenerate (v.)
to break down; to deteriorate
Deleterious (adj.)
to describe accurately; to drwa in outline
Delude (v.)
to deceive
Deluge (n.)
a flood; an inundation
Demagogue (n.)
a leader of the people, but more of a rabble rouser
Denizen (n.)
Depravity (n.)
extreme wickeness or corruption
Deprecate (n.)
to express disaprroval of
Deride (v.)
to ridicule; to laugh at contemptously
Derogatory (adj.)
disapproving; degrading
Desiccate (v.)
to dry out
Despondent (adj.)
extremely depressed; full of despair
Despot (n.)
absolute ruler; an autocrat
Destitute (adj.)
extremely poor; utterly lacking
Desultory (adj.)
without a plan or purpose; disconnected; random
Dictum (v.)
an authoritive saying; maxim; proverb
Didactic (adj.)
intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
Diffident (adj.)
timid; lacking in self-confidence
Digress (v.)
to stray from the main subject
Dilettante (n.)
someone wiht superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur
Discern (v.)
to have insight; to see things clearly; to discriminate
Discreet (adj.)
Prudent; judiciously reserved
Discrete (adj.)
unconnected; seperate; distinct
Discriminate (v.)
to notice or point out the difference between two or more things
Disdain (n.)
arrogant scorn; contempt
Disinterested (adj.)
not taking sides; unbiased
Disparage (v.)
to belittle; to say uncomplimentary thins about, usually in an somewaht indirect way