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Construe (v.)
to interpret
Consummate (adj.)
perfect; complete; supremely skillful
Contentious (adj.)
argumentative; quarrelsome
Contiguous (adj.)
side by side; adjoining
Contingent (adj.)
dependent; possible
Contrite (adj.)
admitting guilts; especially feeling remorseful
artificial; labored
Conventional (adj.)
common; customary; unexceptional
Convival (adj.)
fond of partying; festive
Copious (adj.)
abundant; plentiful
Corollary (n.)
something that follows; a natural consequence
Corroborate (v.)
to confirm; to back up with evidence
Cosmopolitan (adj.)
at home in many plces or situations; internationally sophisticated
Countenance (n.)
face; facial expression, especialy an encouraging one
Coup (n.)
a brilliant victory or accomplishment; the violent overthrow of a government by a small internal group
Covenant (n.)
a solemn agreement; a contract; a pledge
Covert (adj.)
secret hidden
COvet (v.)
to wish for enviously
Credulous (adj.)
eager to believe; guilible
Criterion (n.)
standard; basis for judgment
Cryptic (adj.)
mysterious; mystifying
Culinary (adj.)
relating to cooking or the kitchen
Culminate (v.)
to climax; to reach full effect
Culpable (adj.)
deserving blame; guilty
Cursory (adj.)
hasty; superficial
Curtail (v.)
to shorten; to cut short
Cynic (n.)
one who deeply distrusts human nature; one who believes humans are motivated only by selfishness