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Coalesce (v.)
to cometogether as one; to fuse; to unite
Coerce (v.)
to force someone to do or not todo something
Cogent (v.)
powerfully convincing
Cognitive (adj.)
dealing with how we know the world around us through our senses; mental
Cognizant (adj.)
aware; conscious
Coherent (adj.)
holding togehter; making sense
Colloquial (adj.)
conversational; informal in language
Collusion (n.)
conspiracy secret cooperation
Commensurate (adj.)
equal; proportionate
Compelling (adj.)
forceful; causing to yield
Compendium (n.)
a summary; an abridgment
Complacent (adj.)
self-satisfied; overly pleased with oneself contented to a fault
Complement (v.)
to complete or fill up; to be the perfect counterpart
Complicity (n.)
participation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice
Comprehensive (adj.)
covering ro including everything
Comprise (v.)
to consist of
Concilatory (adj.)
making peace; attempting to resolve a dispute through good will
Concise (adj.)
brief and to the point
Concord (n.)
harmony; agreement
Concurrent (adj.)
happening at the same time; parallel
Condescend (v.)
to stoop to someone else's level, usually in an offensive way
Condone (v.)
to overlook; to permit to happen
Conducive (adj.)
Confluence (n.)
a flowing togehter, especially of rivers; the place where they begin to flow together
Congenial (adj.)
agreeably suitable; pleasant
Congenital (adj.)
a trait or condition acquired between conception and birth; innate
Conjecture (v.)
to guess; to deduce or infer on slight evidence
Conjure (v.)
to summon or bring into being as if by magic
Connoisseur (n.)
an expert, particualry in matters of art or taste
Consecrate (v.)
to make or declare sacred
Consensus (n.)
unanimity or general agreement
Consonant (adj.)
harmonious; in agreement