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Cacophony (n.)
harsh-sounding mixture of words, voices or sound
Cadence (n.)
rhythm; the rise and fall of sounds
Cajole (v.)
to persuade someone to do something he or she doesn't want to do
Callow (adj.)
Candor (n.)
truthfulness; sincere honesty
Capitalism (n.)
free enterprise
Capitulate (v.)
to surrender; to give up or give in
Capricious (adj.)
unpredictable; likely to change at any moment
Caricature (n.)
portrait or description that is purposely distorted or exaggerated
Castigate (v.)
to criticize severely; to chastise
Catalyst (n.)
something that changes the rate of chemical reaction without it self being changed
Categorical (adj.)
unconditional; absolute
Catharsis (n.)
purification that brings emotional relief or renewal
Catholic (adj.)
universal; embracing everything
Caustic (adj.)
like acid; corrosive
Celibacy (n.)
abstinence from sex
Censure (v.)
to condemn severly for doing something bad
Cerebral (adj.)
brainy; intellectually refined
Chagrin (n.)
humiliation; embarassed disappointment
Charisma (n.)
a magical-seeming ability to attract follwers of inspire loyalty
Charlatan (n.)
fraud; quack; con man
Chasm (n.)
a deep, gaping hole; a gorge
Chastise (v.)
to inflict punishment on; to discipline
Chicanery (n.)
trickery; deceitfulness; artifice
Chimera (n.)
an allusion; a foolish fancy
Choleric (adj.)
hot tempered; quick to anger
Chronic (adj.)
constantl; lasting a long time; inveterate
Chronicle (n.)
a record of events in order of time; a history
Circuitous (adj.)
roundabout; not following a diret path
Circumlocution (n.)
an indirect expression; use of wordy or evasive language
Circumscribe (v.)
to draw a line around; to set the limits; to define; to restrict
Circumspect (adj.)
Circumvent (v.)
to fustrate as through by surrounding
Civil (adj.)
polite; civilized; courteous
Clemency (n.)
mercy; forgiveness; mildness
Cliche (n.)
an overused saying or idea
Clique (n.)
an exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest