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Prodigious (adj.)
extraordinary; enormous
Prodigy (n.)
an extremely talented child;
Profame (adj.)
not having to do with religion; irreverent; blasphemous
Profess (v.)
to declare; to declare falsely or pretend
Proficient (adj.)
thoroughly competent; skilful; very good
Profligate (adj.)
extravagantly wasteful and, usually wildly immoral
Profound (adj.)
Profuse (adj.)
flowing; extravagant
Proletariat (n.)
the industrial working class
Proliferate (v.)
to spread or grow rapidly
Prolific (adj.)
abunduntly productive; fruitful or fertile
Promulgate (v.)
to proclaim; to publicly or formally declare something
Propensity (n.)
a natural inclination or tendency; a predilection
Propitious (adj.)
marked by favorable signs or condition
Proponent (n.)
an advocate; a supporter of a position
Proprietary (adj.)
characteristic of an owner of property;
Propriety (n.)
properness; good manners
Prosaic (adj.)
dull; unimaginative; like prose
Proscribe (v.)
to outlaw; to prohibit
Protagonist (n.)
the leading character in a novel, play or other work' a leader or champion
Protract (v.)
to prolong
Provident (adj.)
preparing for the future; providing for hte future; frugal
Provincial (adj.)
limited in outlook to one's own small corner of the world;
Provisional (adj.)
conditional; temporary; tentative
Proximity (n.)
Prudent (adj.)
careful; having foresight
Purported (adj.)
rumored; claimed
Putative (adj.)
commonly accepted; supposed; reputed
Qualify (v.)
to modify or restrict
Qualitative (adj.)
having to do with the quality or something
Querlous (adj.)
complaining; grumbling; whining
Quixotic (adj.)
romantic or idealistic to a foolish or impractical degree