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Peremptory (adj.)
final; categorical; dictational
Perennial (adj)
continual; happening again and again or year after year
Perfidy (v.)
Perfunctory (adj.)
unenthusiastic; careless
Peripatetic (adj.)
wandering; traveling continually; itinerant
Periphery (n.)
the outside edge of something
Perjury (n.)
lying under oath
Permeate (v.)
to spread or seep through; to penetrate
Pernicious (adj.)
deadly; extremely evil
Perquisite (v.)
a privilege that goes along with a job; a "perk"
Pertinent (adj.)
relevant; dealing with the matter at hand
Perturb (v.)
to disturb greatly
Peruse (v.)
to read carefully
Pervade (v.)
to spread throughout
Petulant (adj.)
rude; cranky; ill-tempered
Philanthropy (n.)
love of man kind, especially by doing good deads
Philistine (n.)
a smugly ignorant person wiht no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters
Pious (adj.)
reverent or devout; outwardly reverent or devout; hypocritical
Pivotal (adj.)
Placate (v.)
to pacify; to appease; to soothe
Plaintive (adj.)
expressing sadness or sorrow
Platitude (n.)
a dull or trite remark; a cliche
Plebeian (adj.)
common; vulgar; low class; bourgeois
Plethora (n.)
an excess
Poignant (adj.)
painfully emotional; extremely moving
Polarize (v.)
to break up into opposing faction sor groupings
Polemic (n.)
a powerful argument often made to attack or refute a controversial issue
Ponderous (adj.)
so large as to be clumsy; massive; dull
Portent (n.)
an omen; a sign of something coming in the future
Postulate (n.)
sokething accepted as true wihtout proof; an axiom
Pragmatic (adj.)
practicial; down to earth; based on experience rather than theory
Precedent (n.)
an earlier example or model of something
Precept (n.)
a rule to live by; a principle establishing a certain kind of action or behavior; a maxim
Precipitate (v.)
to cause to happen abruptly
Preciptious (adj.)
Preclude (v.)
to prevent from ever happening
Precursor (n.)
forerunner; something that goes before and anticipates or paves the way for whatever it is that follows
Predilection (n.)
a natural preference for something
Preeminent (adj.)
better than anyone else; outstanding; supreme
Preement (v.)
to seize something by prior right
Premise (n.)
an assumption; the basis for a conclusion
Prepossess (v.)
to preoccupy; to influence beforehand or prejudice; to make a good impression on beforehand
Prerogative (n.)
a right or privilege connected exclusivlely with a position
Prevail (v.)
to triumph; to overcome rivals
Pristine (adj.)
original; unspoiled, pure
Prodigal (adj.)
wastefully extravagent