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Describe 2 methods to start Word.
: Double-click the Word 2000 shortcut icon on Windows desktop (if one exists)

: Click the Start button on Windows taskbar, point to Programs option and than click Microsoft Word
What part of the Word screen displays the name of the current document and the name of the application?
Tittle Bar
What happens if you execute a command that is followed by an ellipsis (..)?
A dialog box will open presenting options you can set.
How many radio buttons can you select at one time?
What shortcut key provides What's This? Help at any time?
Shift + F1
What 2 things do you NOT need to specify when saving an existing file after making changes to it?
: The drive/ folder to save the document in

: The file name
What command allows you to add comments to a document?
The File / Properties command
Name 2 methods to switch between multiple open documents.
: Click an open documents button on the Windows taskbar

: Click Window on the Menu bar and then click an open documents name.
What can be used to view different portions of a document without repositioning the insertion point?
The vertical and horizontal scroll bars.
Does increasing the magnification (Zoom) increase or decrease the size of text and graphics
What button on the Satus bar can you use to move between insert and overtype mode?
OVR button
What 2 processes does Word use to automatically handle soft returns and soft page breaks?
Word wrap and pagination
What happens to the text flow in a document if you delete a hard page break?
Word automatically readjusts the position of the soft page breaks in the document, as neccessary.
If you enter a date as text in a document, what wil happen to that date the next time you open or print the document?
It will remain unchanged.
What feature can you use to postion the insertion point in any blank, unused area of a document, without having to press ENTER, spacebar or TAB to move into the unused space?
Click Type feature
Name 2 techniques for selecting text using the mouse.
: The click and drag technique

: The click, Shift + click technique
What key can you use to delete the character to the left of the insertion point?
The BkSp key ( backspace key)
What key can you use to delete from a document without placing it in the active Clipboard?
Delete Key
What 2 buttons on the Standard toolbar would you need to use to move some selected text?
Cut Button
Paste Button
How can you display a list of all the editing actions that have been performed since a new document was started, or an existing one was opened?
Click and drop-down arrow beside the Undo button on the Standard toolbar
Using the Find and Replace feature, how can you delete occurrences of a search item?
Leave the Replace with box blank
Describe 3 ways you can open the Font dialog box
Shortcut menu, Format menu and Ctrl + D
How do you change the color of text?
Font Colorbutton on the Formatting toolbar or in the Font dialog box
What is Times New Roman?
A Font Type
Identify this button and describe its purpose. ( Picture of a Paintbrush)
Format Painter.
It allows you to copy existing formats from one section of text to another.
In which dialog box can you find text effects you can see only on the screen?
Under the Text Effects tab in the Font dialog box.
What happens when you press Ctrl + D
Keyboard shortcut that brings up the Font dialog box.
Describe what the following text effects are: Subscript, Superscript, Srrikescript, Outline and Small caps.
Subscript: moves text down half a line

Superscript: moves text up half a line

Strikethrough: Places a line through selected text

Outline: Outlines selected text

Small Caps: changes selected text to small capital letters
What is predefined style and why is it beneficial to use styles in a long document?
Style is a set of formatting instructions saved with a particular name, making it easier to apply throughout the document. Using styles also helps ensure that formatting remains consistant throughout a document.
How do you open the Reveal Formatting Task Pane and can you change format settings Via the Task Pane?
Click Format on the Menu bar followed by the Reveal Formatting command. To change any formatting properties, click the blue text to open the appropriate dialog to change any options.
List 2 ways you can create a bulleted or numebered list.
Through the Bullets and Numbering dialog box and Formatting toolbar
What menu do you use to display the Bullets and Numbering dialog box?
Format menu or the shortcut menu.
Describe both methods for removing bullets from a list.
Remove bullets through the Bullets on the Formatting toolbar button and the Bullets and Numbering dialog box by selecting None.
If you apply Number List to a group of paragraphs, what change is made to the paragraphs?
Each paragraph is given a number, to sequence a list of items, and the paragraphs are indented.
Name 3 of Word's standard bullet shapes.
Solid bullets
Open bullets
Four diamonds
How do you change the indentation of a bulleted or numbered list?
Through ruler indentation markers or through the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
List 3 customizing options for a bulleted list.
Font Bullet and Postion ( Bullet and Text)
How do you automatically add a bullet to a list?
Click the Bullets button on the Formatting toolbar.
Identify 2 methods to indent text from the left margin.
: Ruler

: The Paragraph

: Tabbing to a default tab stop
Give 2 examples of error types you can correct using the AutoCorrect feature.
:Correct 2 Intial Capitals

:Capitalize first letter of the sentences.

:Capitalize names of days

:Correct accidental usage of caps lock key
What happens when the AutoComplete feature is turned on?
When you begin typing a word, phrase or date that AutoComplete recognizes, a ScreenTip displays above the text as you type. Press Enter to insert the text that displays the ScreenTip into the document.
How do spelling errors display when automatic spelling feature is on? How do you correct a single spelling error?
Spelling errors display with red wavy underline. You can correct one spelling mistake by clicking the secondary mouse button on the error and choosing a word from submenu that appears.
Name 2 of Word's grammer writing style options.
Grammer only
Grammer and Style
What commands do you use to display the Thesauraus feature?
: Tools, Languages, Thesauraus
: Shift + F7
When performing spell check, if a proper name is flagged as a misspelled word, list the options that you might choose from the Spelling and Grammer dialog box.
: Ignore
:Ignore All
: Add
Does the Translate feature work well on an entire paragraph or an entire document? What other options are available to translate an entire document?
Does Not work well on entire paragraph. You can translate individual words or access to translation services on the Internet.
Give 2 examples of actions that can preformed on the Smart Tag Actions menu for an Address:
: Add to Contacts
: Display Map
: Display driving directions
List 2 ways to adjust margins on a document.
: Page setup dialog box with the Margins tab selected
: Ruler bar
Explain how to change the orientation of a page from portrait to landscape.
Open the Page Setup dialog box, choose the Margins tab and click to select the Landscape option.
Why would you access the Paper Source in the Page Setup dialog box?
To adjust printing options if you have a printer with more than one output tray. Ep. When you want the first page out of your document to get its paper from a seperate tray such as one containing letterhead.
Explain the purpose of following Print Preview buttons: Multiple Pages, Shrink to Fit, and Zoom.
Multiple pages: allows you to see multiple pages of a document at one time.

Shrink to Fit: reduces the size of text in a document so that any extra text on the last page will fit onto previous page.

Zoom: magnifies documents to percentage of choice.
Explain how to use Print Preview to edit a document.
From the Print Preview screen, click Magnifer and the Zoom Pointer changes to an I-beam. Make the changes and then click the magnifer button again to change the I-beam back to Magnifing glass.
Which print option can you use to quickly print your entire document?
Click the Print button on th Standard toolbar
How do you print select text?
Select the text and then open the Print dialog box and click Selection in the Page Range area.
Describe how you access the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.
Click Tools on the Menu bar, then point to the Letters and Mailings Submenu and click the Envelopes and Labels command.