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What are the 2 major categories of Cytotoxic agents?
1) Alkylating Agents
2) Antimetabolites
Name the 5 commonly used antimetabolites
1) Methotrexate
2) Azathioprine
3) Mycophenolate Mofetil
4) Hydroxyurea
5) 5-Fluorouracil
What are the 3 commonly used alkylating agents?
1) Chlorambucil
2) Cyclophosphamide
3) Melphalan
The antimetabolites result in cell death by acting specifically on what phase of replication?
S phase
Alkylating agents exert their affects by chemically altering what?
DNA regardless of timing
Cytoxan is the trade name for what alkylating agent?
Which alkylating agent is derived from nitrogen mustard?
Cyclophosphamide is only FDA approved for treating what?
Advanced mycosis fungoides
What are the 3 most common adverse effects seen with Cyclophosphamide?
1) Leukopenia
2) Hemorrhagic Cystitis
3) GI problems
CellCept is the trade name for what antimetabolite?
Mycophenolate Mofetil
Cyclophosphamide is cell cycle independent drug (alkylating agent) and depresses what cells specifically?
B-cell function more than T-cells, and suppressor (CD8) T-cells more than Helper (CD4) T-cells
Chlorambucil puts pts at significantly increased risk of developing what 3 cancers?
1) Non-Hodgkin's B-cell Lymphoma
2) Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
3) SCC
CellCept inhibits de novo synthesis of what?
de novo purine synthesis
What is absolute contraindication for all the antimetabolites and alkylating agents?
What blood changes are seen with Hydroxyurea use?
Megaloblastic anemia