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to create
a crea
to feel
a simţi
to (make) love
a iubi
to shout
a striga
to cry
a plânge
to forget
a uita
to climb
a urca
to descend
a coborî
to sit down
a se aşeza
to stand up
a se ridica
to fall
a cădea
to run
a fugi
to slow down
a încetini
to speed up
a accelera
to jump
a sări
to take a shower
a face un duş
to cook
a face de mâncare
to make the bed
a face patul
to wash (something)
a spăla (ceva)
to wash (himself/herself)
a se spăla
to clean
a curăţa
to clean up
a şterge
to soil
a păta
to dirty
a murdări
to rewrite
a rescrie
to tell a story
a povesti
to lie
a minţi
to see
a vedea
to laugh
a râde
to smile
a zâmbi
to listen
a asculta
to touch
a atinge
to hate
a urî