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circular ceiling: central medallion and four lunettes
good sheperd, orants, and story of jonah, rome
chuch: columns with corinthian capitals in a nave arcade
interior, church of santa sabina
mosaic: two men walking away from each other
parting of lot and abraham
church: view through ambulatory into rotunda
church of santa costanza
church: old cruciform buildling
mausoleum of galla placidia, ravenna
mosiac: lunette with christ and sheep
good shepard
sarcophagus: 2 registers of relief
sarcophagus of junius bassus
view of turkey and large buildings
anthemius of tralles and isidorus of miletus
church: decorated dome with many windows
church of hagia sophia
mosaic: man with servants
emporer justinian and his attendants
mosaic: woman with servants
empress theodora and her attendants
mosaic: large dome in church with cross and christ
transfiguration of christ with saint apollinaris, first bishop of ravenna
carved panel: angel
archangel michael, panel of a diptych
painting: mary and baby jesus
virgin of vladimir, icon
decoration: fancy book page
chi rho iota page, book of matthew, book of kells
church: octagon open decorated chapel
palace chapel of charlemagne
decoration: man writing
page with matthew the evangelist, ebbo gospels
church: old with towers
church of saint cyriakus, germany
church: nave, lit, kinda modernish look
nave of church of saint cyriakus
doors: carved designs with many registers
door of bishop bernwald, cathedral hildesheim germany
carved image: 2 panels, tree with people and cruicifixion
tempation and crucifixion detail on door of bishop bernwald
statue: gold and jewel-bedecked
reliquary statue of saint foy
church: nave plain and stone
nave abbey church of notre-dame
church portal and porch: christ and people
south portal and porch of the church of saint-pierre, france
church portal: trumeau of a person and animals
lions and prophet jeremiah- trumeau, priory church of saint-pierre
church portal: skinny christ and people
gislebertus, last judgment tympanum on west portal
carved image: 3 sleeping men and an angel
gislebertus, the magi asleep
church: nave with vaulted ceiling and many chairs
church of saint-etienne
church: brightly decorated with gold nave and pulpit
nave, church of san clemente, rome
church: ambulatory with windows
church of st. denis, ambulatory choir
church: notre dame
west facade, chartres cathedral, france
church: three portals
royal portal, west facade, chartres cathedral
stained glass: totem pole of people
tree of jesse, west facade, chartres cathedral
carved detail: angel with three women
annunciation and visitation, reims cathedral
church: nave with tons of floor to ceiling stained glass windows
sainte chapelle, upper chapel, paris
sculpture: dark knight
saint Maurice
carved detail: king and queen
ekkehard and uta, naumburg cathedral, germany
church: carved pulpit and baspistry
nicola pisano pulpit, baspistry, pisa cathedral
doors: gold decorated with 4 columns of registers
andrea pisano, life of john the baptist, south doors baptistry of san giovanni, florence
painting: mary and child with lots of people
duccio, virgin and child in majesty, siena