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Does RNA Synthesis require a primer?
No. The first nucleotide retains its triphosphate group.
What two common sequences are located upstream of the transcription start site?
TATA box and -35 consensu sequence: TTGACA.
RNA Synthesis usually begins with a purine or pyrimidine?
What are th etwo types of transcription termination sites in bacteria?
Factor independent termination - forms base-apired hairpin loop in mRNA.

Rho termination factor - Rho recognizes rut (rho utilization) termination site.
What does actinomycin D do?
Inhibits RNA transcription in pro and eukaryotes. Intercalates into the DNA.
And Rifamycin B?
Inhibits only intiation of transcription only in prokaryotes.
What are the functions of RNA polymerase I, II and III?
I) transcribes most ribosomal RNA genes
II) synthesizes precursors of mRNA and some snRNA and scRNA species
III) synthesizes tRNA, S rRNA and remainder of snRNAs andscRNAs
How do RNA polymerases I II and III react with alpha-amanitin?
I - resistant
II - inhibited at very low concentrations
III - inhibited only at high concentrations
How many additional transcription factors does RNA polymerase II require in eukaryotes?
at least 7
What are three DNA-binding transcription factors that bind to enhancers DNA-binding motifs?
1( helix turn helix
2) zinc finger
3) leucine zipper
What does the cap structure in eukaryotic mRNA consist of?
a methylated GTP conntected to the 5' terminal nucleotide via 5'-5' triphosphate linkage.
What type of RNA is E. coli RNA polymerase responsible for?
all types - mRNA, tRNA and rRNA
What enzyme performs the processing of tRNA precursors in eukaryotes?
ribonuclease III
What are the four types of RNA-containg viruses?
1) +RNA - contains single-stranded RNA that functions as mRNA in the infected host cell (polio)
2) -RNA - anti-messenger RNA that has to be copied into complementary mRNA before translation can begin. (Rabies)
3) dsRNA - double-stranded RNA that also require transccription into mRNA (reovirus)
4) Retroviruses - single-stranded +RNA that must first be transcribed into DNA. (HIV, leukemia viruses)
What is unique about virus type 1?
It can use the host cell's translation machinery directly for the synthesis of their replicases. Types 2 3 and 4 must carry their own replicases or transcriptases.