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The condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time.
People who study the weather
An instrument for measuring the temperature of the air.
a device used to measure air pressure
cumulus clouds
puffy white clouds that are often flat on the botton and dome-shaped on the top.
stratus clouds
clouds form flat gray layers, or blankets, that often carry drizzle
cirrus clouds
clouds that are feathery wisps and curls made of ice crystals
culumonimbus clouds
these clouds billow upward eight to ten miles into the atmosphere, but are flat and dark on the bottom.
weather forcaster
someone who makes predictions about the weather
air mass
a body of air that has the same general temperature and weather throughout
a place where two different types of air masses meet.
cold front
forms when a cold air mass moves into a warm air mass. Violent weather often occurs.
warm front
forms when a warm air mass moves into a cold air mass. Often brings rain
high pressure area
this usually brings dry, clear weather
low-pressure area
Usually brings, clouds, snow and rain