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where do high clouds begin to form?
20,000 feet in troposphere
where do middle clouds begin to form?
10,000 feet in troposphere
where do low clouds begin to form?
6,500 feet in troposphere
ice clouds that form ripples in the sky
clouds that have a wispy appearence
clouds that are more sheet like but transparent allowing the sun to shine through
cottonball-like, can look like large masses or rolls
sheets of white, gray-blue in which sun shines through
masses of wavy rolls, very gray and humid
rain cloud, sheets of rain coming down from cloud
uniform sheet across the sky
dome shapes, detached floating in the sky
large towering storm clouds
number of tornadoes reported each year
what does 'toto' do?
it is a device put in path of a tornado to gather data
what is a dopplar radar?
a device used to determine important weather information
what and where is tornado alley?
tornado alley is the main location where tornadoes hit each year; it goes from Texas up to Iowa and streching out to Indiana as well
what is the dryline?
warm moisture from the gulf mixes in with the cold Canadian air and the cool air from coming from the Rockies creates big storms in tornado alley
cells(storms) mixed together creating a HUMUNGOUS storm
what is the main point of the Nation Severe Storms Lab?
to monitor large weather systems, and see where storms are located
before a tornado hits..
-dead calm
-freight train
when was the radar discovered?
at the end of world world 2
what are some advantages of having a dopplar radar?
-20 minutes leading time for a big storm (like a tornado)
-50% fewer chance of false storm alarm
-more accurate
why do surface winds slow down at base of tornado?
because of the friction with the land
hurricanes in the West Pacific
tropical cyclones
hurricanes in the South Pacific
hurricane season for Pacific
hurricane season for Atlantic
June through November
coriolis effect
wind pattern for hurricanes
tropical depression
below 38 MPH
tropical storm
more than 38 MPH, but less than 74 MPH
75-200 MPH
how do hurricanes form?
the evaporation of the warm ocean water and thunderstorms mix and this causes the eye of the tropical storm
center of the hurricane storm
signs before a hurricane
-tide rising
-cirrus clouds in sky
-dark clouds over horizon
-air pressure drops
-rain begins to fall
-increased wind speed
saffir-simpson scale
scale used to measure intensity of hurricane storm

1 is 74-95 MPH
5 is 155 MPH and above
naming of hurricanes
started in 1950

alternating names from male and female

names used every 6 years

HUGE storms' names become retired because of intensity of the storm
winds can reach up funnel cloud of tornado
250 MPH
tornado safety procautions
inside: go in a basement, be away from windows

outside: lie in a low spot
country with the most tornadoes per year
USA, because of the dryline