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Who is responsible for routine application of risk management
2 types of power
technical and nontechnical
What is a major descrepency
causes unsafe work conditions, degrades mission systems, causes security violation
Why do a special personnel inspection
recertify technician who was decertified on MSEP
What is ground
an agreed upon potential voltage may be referenced to
Name 4 types of inspections
managerial, technical, special, personnel
What does ORM provide
tools to determine risk
Why should you install disconnect devices, non-inductive ringers, and speech suppression devices on LEA phones
to prevent phone from becoming microphone and compromising LEA
What can be used to protect tools
light coat of oil
Where do you dispose flammable waste
clearly marked metal containers with closing lids
How do you minimize EMI
low-level voltage, pairs properly terminated, shields properly closed and grounded
What should be done when the interlock switch is disconnected
place an appropriate sign on equipment
What type and range do modems produce
Analog & 300 - 4,000 Hz
What do facility entrance plates do
provide demarcation point between facility and the external transmission media
What is the purpose of RED/BLACK signal distribution
keep RED/BLACK integrity maintained, interference no intercepted from other sources, interference not created
Why should power line filters be custom designed for individual equipment
to allow filters be designed specifically to the parameters and characteristics of the equipment
How do you establish clear accountability
risk decisions are make at the appropiate level
Step 4 of ORM
Make control decisions
If non TEMPEST or high-level signals used what is required
separated RED/BLACK power distribution
What is the ultimate goal of any organization
maximize combat capability
What is a limited exclusion area
enclosed area where security protects RED equipment and lines
How can terminations be made
with connectors and plugs, wire wraps, solder wraps
Step 3 of ORM
analyze risk control measures
What do technical evaluations do
give overall view of the quality of maintainance on equipment
Two types of hacksaws
all-hard & flexible
Which form is used for the technical solution
AF FORM 3215
What does shielding do
attenuate electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic fields
What 3 factors restrict controlled spaces
denied unrestricted access, escorted by authorized personnel, under continual physical/electronic surveillance
What form is used for personnel evals
AF FORM 2419
What form is used to document technical eval descrepencies
AF FORM 2420
What are 6 examples of RED equipment
teletype writers, secure voice, fax, video, computers, LANs
What must technical eval include
corrosion control, additional duties, housekeeping
What is preformed on COMSEC pagechecks
no pages missing & old pages removed and destroyed
What do ducts provide
physical protection
Average amount of teeth per inch on a hacksaw
18 teeth
What does the STEM do
identifies what is needed to satisfy present and future requirements
Why use a plastic hammer
used where a steel hammer would mar or damage the work
Step 6 of ORM
supervise and review
What do filters and isolators do
attenuate undesirable signals that attempt to pass thru
What do filters block
block signals by shunting to a return path, reflecting back to the source
How do COMSEC amendments differ from TOs
your work must be checked & must read destruction procedures
Why is line seperation important in minimizing emanations
electromagnetic field surrounding conductor reduces with distance
What kind of tool are used on energized circuits
What is nontechnical power
power which deals with non-essential lighting and cooling
What are two types of descrepencies
major & minor
How are amendments or changes to COMSEC pubs posted
message, amendment or electronic security command amendment
no, not made with tempest in mind
What do non-ferrous metals help contain
electrostatic fields
What is the fundamental goal of risk management
enhance mission effectiveness while preserving assets and safeguarding health and welfare
Where should the prime generating source be contained
totally within the CS
What is low-level signaling
the use of low-level current & voltage
Why use filters over isolators
prevent arcing when large incoming voltage transient encounters open circuit
What level is risk decisions made at
level of responsibility that correlates to the risk
What is bulk filtering
using filters at the first service disconnect on each power panel
What is entered on AFCOMSEC Form 16
short titles
Who do you contact for guidance for hearing hazards
bioenvironmental engineering services
Who is subject to a personnel evaluation
All personnel who are task certified
Step 5 of ORM
Implement risk controls
When may you use a second hand while working on energized circuits
only when necessary
What does the CSO do
helps user/requester develop technical solutions
Step 2 of ORM
Assess the risk
What is never done with long-nose pliers
hold large objects, tighten nuts, bend sheet metal
What two levels do the STEM produce
broad & detailed
How far ahead is COMSEC keying issued
10 days
What must be done when working on energized circuits
deenergize & lock and tag out
What is AFKAM
gives AF COMSEC standards
What is the user/requester's responsibility
identifies comm & info system requirments and allocates resources
When is filtering not nessesary
TEMPEST-approved equipment used, line is encrypted, proper RED/BLACK separation maintained, proper installation procedures used
What are commercial manuals simular to
simular to TOs but provided by the vender
What are center punches for
mark cetners and start holes
What angle should chisels be used at
60-70 degree angle
Step 1 of ORM
identify the hazard
How do you treat drafts and carbon sheets
as the same classified as they were used with
When are high-risk endeavors acceptable
when the benefits out way the cost
What is the COMSEC designator
how many flutes are in general-purpose drill bits
What are long titles
descriptive wording to describe COMSEC
What is the ball-shaped portion of the hammer for
What is RED equipment
equipment that processes classified info before encryption and after decryption
What is technical power
power accociated with mission equipment
Whom should you consult before moving classified processors
cognizant TEMPEST authority
What are grounding sticks good for
discharging capacitors & check for stray voltage
How much keying material is usually issued
one month supply, 30 days
What do patch panels allow
allow equipment and signal paths to be interchanged in the event of failure
What are short titles
titles which use letters/numbers that do not give away classified info
What is in the TO
Illustrated parts breakdown, theory of operation, equipment operational limitations
Who may access keying equipment and material
US citizens who's official duties require
Why is a managerial performed
performed to provide commander assessment of shop's ability to meet mission requirements
What does ferrous materials help contain
magnetic fields
Never use what type of hammer
hammer with loose head or cracked handle
How much current is lethal
50 milliamps
What are three types of personnal evals
primary, follow-on, special
Why are signal distribution schemes used to RED/BLACK
to ensure proper segregation and integrity of signals
Why use cold chisels
cut metal without first heating it up
What must be worn while working on CRTs
heavy apron, gloves, face-shield
Two types of categories hazardous situations fall into
mental & physical
Take what precautions while classified not in use
keep face down/covered & under constant surveillance
Up to how much can COMSEC manager issue keying for active mission
120 days
What is bonding
connecting 2 conductors where impedance has not increased
Who must be present when working on a job
2 technicians or 1 technician and 1 safety person
How do you treat carbons and ribbons
destroy once serve duty and treat as classified it was used with
What must the safety observer know
CPR & first aid