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Acclaim Noun
Praise or approval
Acquisition Noun
Something obtained or acquired
Authentic Adjective
Real; genuine
Discord Noun
Inharmonious combination of sounds; disagreement
exquisite Adjective
Beautiful or perfect
Fragile Adjective
Easily broken or destroyed
fundamental adjective
essential or basic
illusion noun
a misleading perception
protege noun
one whose training is supported by an influencing person
replica noun
copy or reproduction
caustic adjective
severly uncomplimentary
devious adjective
sly; underhanded
devoid adjective
lacking; empty
erratic adjective
extrovert noun
an outgoing individual
femininity noun
a female characteristics
infantile adjective
immature; childish
pragmatic adjective
sarcastically adverb
characterized by ridicule or mockery
subtle adjective
not obvious; difficult to detect
abstain verb
to refrain volunterrily
austere adjective
simple or bare
dilapidation noun
the condition of being run down or in need of repairs
edible adjective
fit to be eaten
fabricate verb
to build; assemble
epicurean noun?
having to do with the pleasures of good food
gluttonous adjective
hang to do wiht eating ot drinking in excess
impermeable adjective
not permitting passage through
mar verb
vandalism noun
the destruction of property
animosity noun
hatred; open honesty
callousness noun
lack of feeling; insensitivity
deference noun
corteous respect for anothers wish, opinion or judgement
empathy noun
understanding another's toughts and feelings
irritability noun
the state of being annoyed or aggervated
jubilation noun
moodiness noun
fits of gloom; unhappiness
revulsion noun
a suddena dn strong change in feeling
sympathy noun
a feeling or expression of compasion for another's grief
vengence noun
revenge, punishment
ambivalent adjective
having to do wiht conflicting feelings
apathetic adjective
hypocritical adjective
pretending to believe what one doesn't
irascbile adjective
easily angered
maudlin adjective
excessivly sentiment or emotional
nauseous adjective
sickening, repulsive
nonchalent adjective
oblivious adjective
pessimistic adjective
cynial, negative
sentimental adjective
overly emotional
depotism noun
tyranny, absolute power
covert adjective
clemency noun
mercy; leniency
autonomous adjective
incumbent noun
someone who holds political office
indoctrinate noun
to teach someone principles, beliefs or system of thought
overt adjective
out in the open
to destroy, leaving no trace
emulate verb
to imitate
impulsive adjective
quick to react without much thought
manipulate verb
to influence
snub verb
to treat with neglect
tantrum noun
an outburst, a fit of bad temper
acquiesce verb
to give in or agree reluctantly
badger verb
to pester
berate verb
to scold
commiserate verb
to feel sorrow for
deter verb
to prevent or dicourage
Allude verb
To refer to indirectly
apprehend verb
to understand or percieve
cogitate verb
to think over carefully
evoke verb
to call forth
elucidate verb
to make clear
discriminate verb
to distinguish
query verb
to question
imply verb
to suggest ot express indirectly
scructinize verb
to examen closly
vindicate verb
to clear of blame or doubt