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benevolence (n)

goodwill or the disposition to do good; an act of kindness or charity

He displayed his benevolence by donating his salary to chairty.
Exemplary (adj)

(exemplar) (n)
serving as a model, deserving imitation; commendable

His explary behavior was a model for all to follow.

example: being a good parent
Reputable (adj)

(exemplar) (n)
respectable (good repute= good reputation)

Because he was a Reputable dealer, I had confidence in his products.
Gentility (n)

genteel (adj.)
refinement, politeness, respectability; OR a member of the upper class

The aristocracy is expected to behave with GENTILITY.

example: wealthy english people serving tea.
Decorum (n.)
proper or good taste in action, speech, or dress

A genteel person would always exhibit proper decorum.
Punctilious (adj.)
very careful, meticulous, exact

Cutting a diamond requires punctilious effort.

noun- punctiliousness
Candid (adj.)

candor (n.)
honest, frank, outspoken

If you ask for a candid response, be prepared for the result.
Veracity (n.)
habitual honesty, truthfulness; OR accuracy or precison

Because of his veracity, he was considered a very trustworthy person.
Feasible (adj.)
practical, possible, or capable of being done

It is not feasible to graduate from BHS without ever attending classes.
Solace (N or V)
give comfort to, console, lessen grief

Family support can provide solace during difficult times.
Elation (n)
extreme happiness or joy

Winning the lottery would cause you great elation.
Avidity (n.)

avid (adj.)
eagerness, great enthusiasm, or greed

His avidity eventually turned into an obsession.
Preoccupy (v.)

preoccupation (n.)
to absorb or engross mentally

He was preoccupied by the dramatic events on the news.
Morale (n.)
mental condition or state of mind

The morale of the workers deteriorated when their salaries were cut.
Wary (adj.)
cautious, on guard against danger (wary of can mean suspicious of)

When walking in a dark alley, you should be very wary.
Impunity (n.)

(almost always preceded by "with")
freedom from punishment, harm, or loss

Beacuse he knew he would never get caught, he cheated with impunity.