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Big Remote
A production outside h studio to televise live and/or live-record a large scheduled event that has not been staged specifically for television.
Contact Person
A person who is familiar with, and can facilitate access to, the remote location and the key people.
Field Production
Production activities that take place away from the studio
Remote Survey
An inspection of the remote location by key production and engineering personnel so that they can plan for the setup and the use of production equipment.
Uplink Truck
The vehicle that sends video and audio signals to a satellite.
Remote Truck
The vehicle that carries the control room, audio control, video-recording section, video control section, and transmission equipment.
Electronic Field Production (EFP)
Video production done outside the studio that is usually shot for postproduction (not live).
Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
The use of portable camcorders, lights, and sound equipment for the production of mostly unscheduled daily news events. ENG is usually done for live transmission or immediate post production.