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What is the purpose of the hydraulic patch test?
To check the level of contamination of the A/C hydraulic systems or support equipment hydraulic system.
Ensures a high level of fluid purity.
The maximum level of contamination for A/C is class 5 and class 3 for support equipment.
The primary method of measurement is electronic particle counter. The alternate method is patch testing. These 2 methods are used at all levels of maintenance.
What is the purpose of a tactical paint scheme?
Is applied to an A/C to lessen the probability of visual or photographic detection. It is also used for deception, reduction of detection range and to confuse and mislead observers.
What is the purpose of publication NAVAIR 01-1A-509 and application to the F/A-18?
Provides information on material and procedures for the prevention and repair of corrosion and upkeep of A/C paint scheme. Sups and maint. personnel shall use this manual as a guide for all corrosion control and maint. efforts.
What is the purpose of publication NAVAIR A1-F18AC-SRM-500 and application to the F/A-18?
Provides corrosion control procedures for organizational, intermediate, and depot levels of Maintenance. Should be used with NA 01-1A-509. When tasks are identified as intermediate or depot they will be identified as w/i each specific procedure work package.
State the 3 modes of wheel brake operation.
Normal brake: Used for taxing, supported by A/C hydraulic system.
Emergency brake: When no hydraulic system pressure is available. Emergency Brake Accumulator
Parking brake: Used at all times unless A/C is being moved.
Discuss the purpose of composite airframe materials.
New materials are used in A/C to limit weight, decrease effects of corrosion attack and to increase strength.
All composites are used for high performance composite structure, both monolithic and sandwich material.
What is Temporary Repair?
One, which may allow A/C to be flown until permanent repair can be made.
Normally restores full load carrying capabilities to required structure member.
One-Time Flight?
Repair made to restore limited load carrying requirements to allow an A/C to be flown to a repair station for permanent repairs.
Instructions for 1 time flight repair include all information on flight restrictions, which must be observed during ferry flight.
Permanent repair?
Repair equals or exceeds strength of original structure or component with no adverse affects on structural integrity, fatigue life, safety, or flying characteristics.