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upper 7 vertebrae:
Cervical Vertebrae
C7 is known as:
Vertebral Prominens
C1 is known as:
C2 is known as:
These vertebrae are attached to the ribs:
Thoracic Vertebrae
5 Lower back Vertebrae:
Lumbar vertebrae
5 Fused bones below the lumbar vertebrae
4 fused vertebrae below the Sacrum:
Anterior portion of the vertebra that is large and round:
posterior projection of the vertebra
Spinous Process
Wings of the vertebra
Transverse Process
Connect the Transverse process to the Spinous process of the vertebra:
This connects the transverse process to the body of the vertebra
Large hole in the posterior of the vertebra in which the spinal cord runs through:
Vertebral Foramen
Flat surface on the superior portion of the vertebra:
Superior Articular Facet
Flat surface on the inferior portion of the vertebra:
Inferior Articular Process
Projection the Superior Articular Facet are on:
Superior Articular Process
Projection the Inferior Articular Facet are on:
Inferior Articular Process
Holes on the side, created by two vertebra, where the spinal nerves exit:
Intervertebral Foramen
Connective Tissues between the vertebrae
Intervertebral Disc (IVD)
Meaning curving out as in the Thoracic and Sacral vertebrae:
Kyphotic Curve
Meaning curving in as in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae:
Lordotic Curve
This portion of the Vertebrae has 12 pairs of ribs attached to it:
Rib Cage
7 ribs are known as:
True ribs
5 ribs are known as:
False Ribs
2 of those 5 false ribs are known as:
Floating Ribs
This connects the ribs to the Sternum:
Costal Cartilage
The Breast bone is known as:
The top of the sternum is referred to as:
The middle of the Sternum, it is long and flat:
The bottom point of the Sternum:
Xiphoid Process
Bump where the Manubrium and the Body of the Sternum meet:
Sternal Angle
The Notch above the Sternum:
Suprasternal Notch
The floating bone in the front of the neck:
Hyoid Bone