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acabar por
to end up by
apurarse por
to become anxious about
darse por
to pretend to
disculparse por
to apologize for
esforzarse por
to make an effort to
estar por
to be in favor of
interesarse por
to take an interest in
jurar por
to swear by
optar por
to opt for
preocuparse por/de
to worry about
tener por
to have an opinion on / to consider
estar para + infinitive
to be about to
no estar para bromas de
to be in no mood for
entusiasmarse por
to be enthusiastic about
felicitar por
to congratulate on
inquietarse por
to be anxious about
luchar por
to struggle for / to fight for
comenzar por
to begin by
empezar por
to begin by
terminar por
to end up by
to finish by
concluir por
to conclude by
rabiar por
to long to
suspirar por
to yearn to