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comenzar a
to begin
empezar a
to begin
principiar a
to begin
echarse a + infinitive
to begin / throw oneself into
(+ infinitive)
ponerse a + infinitive
to start (to do something)
aprender a + infinitive
to learn to (do something
enseñar a (+ infinitive)
to teach to (do something)
apresurarse a
to hurry to
ir a
to go to / to be going to
salir a
to leave to
subir a
to go up
venir a
to come to
volver a
to return to
acertar a
to happen to / to succeed in
to manage to
acostumbrarse a
to become used to
alcanzar a
to succeed in
animar a
to encourage to
aspirar a
to aspire to
atreverse a
to dare to
ayudar a
to help to
bajar a
to go down
condenar a
to condemn to
conducir a
to lead to
contribuir a
to contribute to
convidar a
to invite to
dar a
to face
decidirse a
to decide to
desafiar a
to challenge to
detenerse a
to pause to
disponerse a
to get ready to
to be prepared to
exponerse a
to run the risk of
incitar a
to incite to
invitar a
to invite
negarse a
to refuse to
obligar a
to obligate to
obligarse a
to be obligated to
precipitarse a
to rush to
prender fuego a
to set fire to
prepararse a
to prepare (oneself) to
to be prepared to
querer a
to love
resignarse a
to resign oneself to
ser aficianado (-a) a
to be fond of / to be a fan of
someter a
to submit to
volver a + infinitive
to do (something) again
sobrevivir a
to survive to
persuadir a
to persuade to + infinitive
romper a
to burst out doing...
acercarse a
to approch (the point of doing)...
acudir a
to come along to
to turn up to
concurrir a
to gather to
correr a
to run to
entrar a
to go in and (do something)
to enter to
enviar a
to send to
levantarse a
to get up to
llevar a
to lead to
mandar a
to send to
parar a
to stop to
to stop and (do something)
sentarse a
to sit down to
traer a
to bring to (the point of doing)
volar a
to fly to
empujar a
to drive to
excitar a
to excite to
exhortar a
to exhort to
to encourage to
forzar a
to force to
impeler a
to impel to
llamar a
to call to
mover a
to move to
arriesgarse a
to risk (doing...)
autorizar a
to authorize to
comprometerse a
to undertake to
dedicar a
to dedicate to
determinarse a
to determine to
to be determined to
limitarse a
to limit oneself to (doing)
ofrecerse a
to volunteer to
quedarse a
to remain to
to stay to
renunciar a
to give up (doing)
resistirse a
to resist (doing)
resolverse a
to resolve to
tender a
to tend to