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estar a favor de
to be in favor of
estar a las anchas
to be comfortable
estar a punto de + infinitive
to be about to / to be on the point of
estar al corriente de
to be up to date
estar bruja
to be broke
estar conforme de
to be in agreement with
estar de
to act as
estar de acuerdo
to agree / to be in agreement
estar de acuerdo con
to be in agreement with
estar de buen humor
to be in good humor
estar de mal humor
to be in bad humor
estar de buenas
to be in a good mood
estar de huelga
to be on strike
estar de luto
to be in mourning
estar de moda
to be in fashion
estar de pie
to be standing
estar de rodillas
to be kneeling
estar de vacaciones
to be on vacation
estar de venta
to be on sale
estar de viaje
to be travelling
estar de vuelta
to be back (returned)
estar de regreso
to be back (returned)
estar en las nubes
to daydream
estar en peligro
to be in danger
estar fuera de la ley
to be against the law
estar harto de
to be fed up with
estar para + infinitive
to be about to (do something)
estar por
to be in favor of
no estar para bromas
not to be in the mood for jokes