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How often is the Va Constitution revised?
Roughly every 38 years.
Which VA Constitution had a powerful legislature?
What all-star cast was associated with the 1830 legislature?
Madison, Monroe, Tyler, and Marshall
No far reaching reform for western portion of state - Which Va Constitution?
Debate of re-occurring issues like salvery, the place of property in democracy, etc. - Which Va. Constitution?
What year did WV secede from VA?
Reforms that were ignored in 1829 found their voice - (vote given to all white males over 21) Which Va. Constitution?
Governor, Lt. Gov., and Attorney General now selected by people's vote. Which Va. Constitution?
Which Va. Constitution is referred to as the Underwood Constitution?
"Disenfranchisement" clause, which would have denied ballot and office to majority of white Virginians (Confederate Vets) - Which Va. Constitution?
Public education supported by tax money - Which Va. Constitution?
Compromise brought end to reconstruction - Which Va. Constitution?
A few progressive reforms - Which Va. Constitution?
Perpetuated "Machine" rule - Which Va. Constitution?
Prohibited "white and colored" children from attending same schools - Which Va. Constitution?
Allowed General Assembly (GA) to appointed registrars - Which Va. Constitution?
Poll tax of $1.50, paid for three previvous years - Which Va. Constitution?
Limited vote to war veterans and their sons, property owners - Which Va. Constitution?
"understanding clause" - Which Va. Constitution?
Was there a new Va. Constitution in 1928?
What were the modernizing features of the 1971 Va. Constitution?
Increased Sufferage
Annual legislative sessions
Committment to education
Protocol for future changes
How old is the Capital in Richmond?
217 years
What year was Senator John W. Warner elected as a Senator? What party does he belong to and what does he chair?
1978; R; Chairs the Armed Services Committee.
What year what Senator George F. Allen elected to the Senate, what party does he belong to, and what does he chair?
2000; R; Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
How many members are currently on the Supreme Court of VA, and how many can it go up to?
Currently 7, and can go up to 11.
How are the members of the Supreme Court of VA choosen?
They're selected by the General Assembly.
How long are the terms for the Supreme Court of Va, and what is the age limit?
12 years / 70 years old
What is the primary function of the Supreme Court of VA?
Review appeals.
How often does the Supreme Court of VA meet?
5 day sessions on every seventh week
What is the second highest court in VA and when was it established?
Court of Appeals; 1985
How is the Va Court of Appeals made up (justice wise)?

How long are their terms?

What do they do?
11 judges in panels of 3 in 4 regions.

Terms are 8 years long.

Here's appeals from ciruit courts in all criminal matters (except death penalty), appeals in all domestic relations.
Circuit Courts - How many judicial circuits are there? How many Circuit Courts?

How long are the judges terms?
31 judicial circuits and 122 circuit courts.

Terms are 8 years.
District Courts - How many districts?

How long are the terms of district judges?
32 districts.

Terms are 6 years.
What is the VA State Corp Commission authorized by?
VA Constitution
The State Corp. Commission is comprised of how many judges, and how long are their terms?
3 judges and six-year terms
What does the State Corp Commission regulate? What other responsibilities?
Electric, gas, telephone, water, and sewage utilities. Also has supervisory and licensing responsibilities.
Where are the decisions of the State Corporation Commission appealed to?
To the Supreme Court (Ppt didn't specify if it was VA or U.S.)
Who was the first Republican governor of VA?
Linwood Holton
Who is the only modern VA governor to serve more than one term?
Mills Godwin
Who was the liberal former state senator and lieutenant governor who ran for governor 3 times in the 1960s and 1970s?
Henry Howell
How long are the terms for members of the General Assembly?
Two years for delegates and four years for senators.
Who is considered the architect of the modern Republican Party of VA?
Dick Obenshain
What is the term used for the period when bills passed in one house of the General Assembly are transferred to the other house for action?
In the line of succession, which governor was Doug Wilder?
What happened during Wilder's administration?

Spent time cutting cost/services; couldn't get policy inititives.

Run for presidency in 1992.

1 gun a month.
What was Wilder's role in the 1982 senate?
He threatened to run as an independent.
What bumped Wilder off the cover of Time Magazine?
Berlin Wall
As far as cites and counties are concerned, revenue sharing only exists between ________ and _______ in the state of Va?
Charlottesville and Albermarl County
What does VA have only a one term governor?
It's tradition, it's custom, it was good enough for our ancestors, no obvious answer.
There is a total of ____ separate localities in Va.
When does annexation/consolidation occur?
In a crisis atmosphere
How many regional governments in Va?
Dillion rule was made during...
massive corruption in government.
How many towns, cities, and counties in Va?
192 towns; 39 cities; 95 counties.
How much would Va have to spend just to solve today's problems?
20 billion
County seat means...
where the court houses and (?constititional) offices are.
True or False: Va state law doesn't clearly distinguish between counties, cities, and towns?
Most city councils have ___ members?

Most towns have ___ members?
5 - 7 members

7 members
Charlottesville changes mayor every ___ years?
How many cities in Va directly elect their mayors?
What months are municiple elections held?
May and sometimes Nov
What Constitutional Amendment gives women the right to vote?
Which govenor introduced "Virginia IS For Lovers"
Linwood Holton
First Republican Governor?
Linwood Holton 1969
Reforms that were ignored in 1829 found their voice - Which Va. Constitution?
24 African-Americans served as delegates - Which Va. Constitution?
Public education supported by tax money - Which Va. Constitution?
Compromise brought end to Reconstruction - Which Va. Constitution?
Which Va. Constitution allowed General Assembly to appoint registrars?
Which Va. govenor coined the phrase "No Higher Honor"?
Mills Goodwin
Which Va. Governor first enacted the sales tax?
Mills Godwin
Which Va. Govenor established the state's community college system?
Mills Godwin
Who's saying was this: Keep the Big Boys Honest?
Henry Howell
When did Va. become a two-party state?
Liberalism ended when this governor did - Who is the governor?
Henry Howell
Who is the Commonwealth's only twice elected governor?
Mills Godwin
Since ____ a moratorium has been in effect on city-initiated annexations.