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What bacterial structure is responsible for acute phase cytokine induction (in gram neg and gram positive, respectively)?
Gram Positive = Lipoteichoic acid

Gram Negative = Lipid A (LPS endotoxin component)
Which bacteria does not have a purely polysaccharide capsule?
Bacillus anthracis

contains D-glutamate
(the polyglutamic acid capsule, is one of its 2 virulence factors b/c it is anti-phagocytic)
What is the treatment for H. pylori?
Triple Therapy:
1) PPI
2) Clarithromycin (macrolide)
3) Amoxicillin (ß-L) or Metronidazole
How does Strep Viridans cause vegetations on the valves?
Converts Sucrose into Dextrans

Dextrans act like Fibrin and so when there is endothelial damage in the heart (@ the valves) and platelets adhere to damage, the dextrans bind the platelets like fibrin → vegetations
What is uniquely produced by Strep agalactiae?
CAMP Factor
- enlarges area of hemolysis formbed by staph aureus
What kind of agar does Corynebacterium diphtheriae grow on? How do you test for its toxin?
Tellurite agar (Telluride, CO)

Elek test = for toxin
What are the Tx's for the branching filament gram positive bacteria?
Sulfa for Nocardia

PCN for Actinomyces

"SNAP the branches"
What bugs cause dysentery and what are their 2 main methods?
1) Invasion:
- Salmonella
2) Toxin
- Shigella
What can a yersinia infection mimic?
It causes Mesenteric Adenitis that mimics:
- Crohn's Dz
- Appendicitis