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Course of phrenic
Derives from C3/4/5, runs across anterior surface of anterior scalene, goes between subclavian artery and vein, runs within the fibrous pericardium anterior to lung root to diaphragm
SITS muscle
Muscles of the rotator cuff: Supraspinatus
Teres minor
Lymph drainage of testes
Para-aortic nodes
Lymph drainage of external genitalia, perinium, and anus below pectinate line
Superficial inguinal> deep inguinal > external iliac
Lesion from clavicle fracture
Medial root of brachial plexus > affects ulnar (and also median) nerve
Randy Travis Drinks Cold Beer
Roots (C5-T1)
Trunks (superior, middle, inferior)
Cords (Posterior, lateral, middle)
C5/C6 brachial plexus root injury
Hyperextension of shoulder (Erb-Duchenne/wiater's tip)
Axillary nerve injury mechs & effect
Surgical neck of humerus fracture (with posterior humeral circumflex artery)
Anterior dislocation of humeral head

Effect: deltoid/abduction weakness
Radial nerve injury mechs & effect
Compression in axilla (crutches)
Anterior dislocation of humeral head
Mid-shaft fracture of humerus (w/ profunda brachii artery)

Effect: wrist drop/Saturday night palsy
Median nerve injury mechs & effect
Supracondylar fracture
Pronator teres syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Anterior lunate dislocation

Pope's blessing
Ulnar nerve injury mechs & effect
Medial condyle fracture
Hammate hook fracture
Lesion of C8/T1 due to clavicle fracture
Loss of brachioradialis reflex
C6 lesion, radiual artery lesion
Loss of biceps reflex
C5 or C6 lesion