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Jonathan Edwards -
Member of a clergy who sought to revive the original Puritan vision.
What is a royal colony?
A colony under direct control of the king.
Englightment -
An intelectual movement that emphasized the use of reason and the Scientific method as a means of obtaining knowledge.
Who was John Winthrop?
A lawyer who was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony.
Area where American troops surrounded Burgoyne, the general. He surrendered his army to General Horatia Gates on Oct. 17, 1775. This changed Britains war strategy and they sent troops into the countryside and coast.
What happened in these dates?
1618 - Headright system made. Field laborers needed.
1620's - Settlers battle N.A.
1670's - Bacon's rebellion
1700-1770's-Growing power of the colony's indent. servants.
Stamp Act Congress
Issued Dec. of Rights and Grievances that stated that Parliament laced the power to impose taxes.
What is the headright system?
A system where each new arrival recieves 50 acres of land and another 50 acres for each family who migrated.
Pennsylvania colony traded what?
Slaves, goods, paper, iron, wheat, flax, and ship building.
Who was Metacom?
The chief of the Wampanoag.
What were staple crops?
Crops grown for eating.
What is an indentured servant?
A person who has agreed to work for another for a limited period often in return for travel expenses, shelter and sustenance.
Albany Plan of Union -
One of Benjamin Franklins idea rejected by the colonies.
Who was Nathaniel Bacon?
An englishmen who claled NAtive Americans "wolves". He later raised an army to fight Native Americans on the Virginia frontier. He failed and died later.
Middle Colonies -
Rivers found, Fur trade was slow to Dutch colonies. Very diverse ethnical population. People usually dressed plainly.
Who were the Puritans?
Members of a group who watned to elminiate all traces of Roman Catholic ritual and traditions in the Church of England.
What saved the Jamestown Colony?
What was the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
An area wher a large group of Puritans went to.
Valley Forge
A wooded hillside 20 miles west of Philadelphia where Washington and his continental Army fought to stay alive.
Who were the Powhatan?
Nearby people in Jamestown.
Marquis de Lafayette
A brave idealistic 20 year old French aristocrat who cared passionately about the American cause. He later joined Washington's staff and bore the misery of Valley Forge. He led a command in Virginia in the last years of the war.
What was the Pequot War?
A war in which the Pequot people took a stand against the colonists.
Dominion of New England -
A colony where Maine and New Jersey were united.
Who was Roger Williams
An extreme separatist and dissenter.
Charles Cornwallis
General who sailed south with 8,500 men and commanded the British forces in the South. He had many victories but also failed many.
Who was John Smith?
An englishmen who was claimed to be a soldier, poet and sea captain
Sir Edmund Andros -
A verterian military officer choosen to rule Dominion.
Who were the Separatists?
A group who formed independent congregations with other puritans.
After 1688 - ...
England revokes the colonies corporate charter.
What was Jamestown?
A land claimed by colonists on ships.
Solidiers who fought solely for money. The Americans called them this because many of them came from the Germain region ofHesse. They participated in the Revolutionary war.
Who was Anne Hutchinson?
A woman banished from Massachusetts for leading religious discussions.
Selling scarce goods for a profit that government officials engaged in.
What was the King Philips War?
In 1675, Nataive Americans attacked settlements throughout New England.
Civilian solidiers who participate in battles by helping load firearms and gunpowder.
Benjamin Franklin
A big Enlightment figure in the colonies.
Rising pages that were faced during the war and Revolution.
Area in New Jersey where the BAttle of Trenton was held. The men marched nine miles through sleet and snow. The attacked killed 30 enemies and took 918 captives and six Hessian cannons.
A disagreement, non-importation policy.
Geographic Isolation -
Isolated from other things by the means of location.
Great Awakening -
Religious revival through the 1740's and 1750's.
Glorious Revolution -
Aftermath of events dealing with dynasty.
Fredrich von Steuben
A Prussian cpatian and talented drillmaster who volunteered his services to Washington at Valley Forge and went to work "to make regular soldiers out of country bumpkins"
Parliament -
Mother Country's legislative body.
John Peter Zenger -
Put on trial and established freedom of the press.
What was the Plymouth colony?
Colony incorporated with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
New England Colonies -
Mainly farms and villages. Encouraged a steady flow of people from across the Atlantic. Later allowed adult males the right to vote besides stockholders.
What was Bacon's Rebellion?
A dispute between the Doeg tribe and Nathaniel Bacon.
New Netherland colony traded what?
Fur, copper, wheat, grass, shoes, livestock, etc.
Southern Colonies -
Farmland and rivers with docks. Rural and self-sufficient society. Made large profits on slaves and indentured servants. Trading common. Fertile hills as well.
Salitary Neglect -
A policy involving England's relaxed enforcement.
1651 - ...
England's Parliament tightened control over trade.
Naviagation Acts -
Series of rules for trade.
Balance of trade -
Sold more goods than bought.
Merchantism -
An Economic system where colonies played a large role.
Treaty of Paris
Paper signed by the delegates in 1783. It confirmed US Independence and set the boundaries of the New Nation.
1686 - ...
King punishes colonists.
Bunker Hill
Area in Boston where British General Thomas Gage decided to strike at militianmen causing the Battle at Bunker Hill.
What was tobacco?
A profitable crop sold that helped England's small settlement in North America survive.
A few miles from the orginal English settlement of JAmestown. This is where Cornwallis failed and led his army of 7,500 men to camp at.
A belief in the equality of all people.