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Writs of Assistance
Blank search warrants or unrestricted rights to search for illegal goods
Stamp Act
A tax taxing legal papers in the colonies
Sons of Liberty
A secret citizens group in the 1760's to protest the Stamp Act.
Declatory Act
asserted Parliament's right to rule and tax the colonies
Townshends Acts
Placed tax on glass, paper, paint, and tea.
(had to be paid in gold or silver)
Boston Massacre
A clash between Bostonians and British troops where five colonists were killed.
Committee of Correspondence
ment to maintain communication among Massachusetts towns
Boston Tea Party
Protest against British trade policies. Patriots threw the tea cargo from a ship into the Boston Harbor.
Intolerable Acts
Laws made by parliament that severely restricted the rights of Massachusetts colonists.
Frst Continental Congress
A group of colonial delegates who voted to boycott British goods unless the Intolerable Acts were repealed
Second Continental Congress
Assembly of colonial delegates organized in 1775
Olive Branch Petition
It begged the king to stop the war and bring "a happy and permanent reconcilliation"
hired soldiers
A proposal put before Congress that needs a vote
Declaration of Independence
The document establishing the United States as a nation independent from Great Britian
Battle of Saratoga
October 1777 Gates defeated Burgoyne
War Material
Supplies, guns, and ammunition that make it possible to fight.
A member of an unofficial military unit
Battle of Yorktown
Won by combined American and French troops, and it led to the surrender of the British
Treaty of Paris
Britian recognized the independence of the United States
A nation ruled by elected representatives of the people
Articles of Confederation
Established a national congress with limited powers
a belief among Americans after the revolution that a virtous life embracing simplicity, sacrifice, and freedom of conscience was needed for the nation to thrive
prices rise because the value of money is dropping
Northwest Ordinance
It said that the Northwest Territory would be carved into five states, and a governor and judges be appointed by congress until statehood
Northwest Territory
The land northwest of the Ohio River set by the ordinance of 1785.