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1. Taking part; working
2. Lively; quick; busy.
3. Moving a lot; moving quickly.
Since I've been more active, I can run around the track more easily.
To surprise; to amaze.
The United States astounded the world in 1969 by landing people on the moon.
1. To go to or be present at.
2. To pay attention to.
If you are planning to attend the lunchroom committee meeting, please let Mr. Minh know.
1. To cling to an idea or feeling.
2. To take good care of; to love.
Ramona cherished the hope that her father would return soon.
1. To make an agreement that has the force of law.
2. To get; to come to have.
3. To make or become smaller.
Tom has just signed a contract with a publisher for his first book on the copper mines.
Wanting very much.
We were eager to take part in the science project.
1. To make known.
2. To open to view.
3. To leave unprotected.
Cleaning the painting exposed the original colors.
1. Beauty of form or movement.
2. A short prayer said before a meal.
3. An extra period to do or pay something.
Magaret danced with such grace that she was believed to be the world's greatest ballerina.
1. To force someone to accept or put up with.
2. To take unfair advantage of.
The new coach imposed strict rules about arriving late or leaving practice early.
1. Not thinking too highly of oneself.
2. Simple; not fancy or extreme.
The Wallmans lived in the same modest apartment all their lives.
Lying in the same direction and always the same distance apart.
The two edges of a ruler are parallel.
1. To stop all movement or feeling in.
2. To make helpless or powerless.
The snowstorm paralyzed Washington D.C. for five days.
A person who expects things to turn out badly.
A pessimist carries an umbrella even though the forecast is for fine weather.
To say aloud before an audience, usually from memory.
Rozzie recited her favorite Emily Dickinson poem to the class.
To answer.
When you want to respond to a question, please raise your hand.