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expressed powers
powers named in the Constitution
What was the 3/5 compromise?
North and South--3/5 of the slaves counted for tax purposes.
What were the 2 laws passed by Congress of the Confederation?
Nw ordinance
land ordinance
what was checks and balances?
branches could limit each other's power
what's judicial review?
the court's power to decide whether actions of Congress or the President are constitutional
delegated powers
federal gov't's powers by the Constitution.
implied powers
powers suggested by Constitution's wording---"Elastic Clause"
reserved powers
powers of states
shared powers
concurrent powers
shared by federal AND state gov't
Proclamation of 1763
colonists can't go past Appalachian Mtns b/c bad relations with Indians out there.
Acts passed before the revolution
Grenville Acts (stamp, sugar, quartering)
Townshend Acts (tea, paper, paint, led, glass)
Intolerable Acts
Bunker Hill
Important battle; Boston, MA
Important battle; convinced French to join American side in war vs. British
What was Thomas Paine known for?
he wrote "Common Sense"
What was Ethan Allen known for?
Green Mountain Boys
John Burgoyne did what?
surrendered to William Howe
who was Rochambeau?
Frenchman who helped defeat the British at Yorktown
Who was DeGrasse?
Frenchman who blockaded British
Contrast Patriots and Loyalists
Patriots supported freedom of colonies
Loyalists supported king.