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doctrine of nullification
belief that states had the right to disobey federal laws that they considered unconstitutional
pet banks
state banks that received deposits of federal funds because of their loyalty to the Democratic party
fought against the Creek as a member of a Cherokee regiment in the US Army
Indian Removal Act
authorized the relocation of American Indians from east of the Mississippi River to Oklahoma
Worcester V Georgia
limited state power over Cherokee Nation
Trail of Tears
a forced march of Cherokees to Oklahoma
John C Calhoun
vice president in 1828 who wrote the4 Doctrine of Nullification
Martin Van Buren
Clay's running mate who attacked the veto during Jackson's campaign and won
Specie Circular
treasury only accepted gold and silver for payments of public lands
Panic of 1837
US economic collapse caused in part by the Specie Circular and by an economic crisis in Great Britain
William Henry Harrison
Whigs nominated him in 1846 election
John Tyler
Tippecanoe's running mate from Virginia