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Edward Rickenbacker
most successful American ace 26 kills
convoy system
use of armed vessels to escort unarmed merchant vessels transporting troops supplies or volunteers through the North Atlantic during WWII
Sussex pledge
promise issued by German officials not to sink merchant vessels without assuring the passenger's safety
Robert Lansing
Bryan successor who encourged the trade of war materials with the Allies
National Defense Act
military preparedness program est. prior to US entry to WWI that increased the size of the national guard and the regular US army
Zimmerman Note
cable sent to Mexico by Germany's foreign secretary during WWI proposed an allience between them
Jeannette Rankis
a representative of the House who was in opposition of declaring war
Selective Service Act
law that initially required men between the ages of 21 & 30 to register for the draft
John J Pershing
commanded the 1st US troops that reached France in late
June 1917