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British practice of kidnapping American sailors to force them to serve in the British navy
right of deposit
right to transfer goods at a destination w/o having to pay duties on the cargo
loyalty to a particular part of the country
French Revolution
French people overthrew the monarchy & made the country a republic
Edmond Genet
hoped to persuade American to honor an alliance treaty with France
John Jay
was sent to negotiate a settlement with the US and Britain
Jay's Treaty
Britain gave up forts in the NW and US payed debts to Britain
Pinckney's Treaty
recognized the US's southern border as the 31st paralledl and guaranteed US navigation rights on the Mississippi
Thomas Pickney
negotiated Pickney's treaty
Charles-Mauricede Talleyrand-Perigord
France's foreign minister
XYZ Affair
France wanted a bribe and a loan from US in exchange for an agreement that they wouldn't attack American ships
Alien and Sedition Acts
law passed that made it easier to deport foreigners & illegal to print or speak words hostile to the gov
Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions
statements that denounced the Alien & Sediton Acts