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giving into an aggresor to avoid conflict
nonaggression pact
between Hitlter and 'Stalin said they wouldn't attack each other and to divide Poland
Axis Powers
Italy, Germany, and later Japan 1936
Munich Conference
Britain, France,Germany, and Italy. Germany was given the Sudetenland in exchange for Hitler's promise to make no more claims on European territory
Allied Powers
Britain France later the US and other countries
Winston Churchill
a great politician of 'Britain who feared that appeasement would encourage Hitler to seize additional territory
Lend Lease Act
law that allowed the US to offer weapons and other war supplies to the Alled Powers to fight against the Axis Powers
lightning war type of fast moving wafare used by Germany
Maginot Line
line of defenses built by France along its border w/ Germany after WWI
Atlantic Charter
pledge made by Roosevelt and Churchill not to aquire new territory as a result of WWII and to work for peace after the war
Hideki Tojo
prime minister of Japan