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Dred Scott
a slave held by John Emerson
Roger B Taney
Chief Justice and one of the southerners on the court
Dred Scott Decision
Supreme court rulinmg tha African Americans were not US citizens that the Missouri Compromises reaction on slavery was unconstitutional and that ?Congress didn't have the right to ban slavery
Abraham Lincoln
a republican from Illinois who ran for a seat in the US Senate
Stephen Douglas
elected to the senate in 1846 ran against Lincoln in 1858 Little Giant
Freeport Doctrine
argued that people in the territories had the power to ban slavery by refusing to pass laws to protect it made by Douglas
John Bell
southerners nominated him for president
John Breckinridge
southerners nominated him for vice president
Confederated States of America
nation formed by seceding southern states in 1861
Jefferson Davis
provisional president of the Confederency