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after the war os 1812, americans had the spirit of nationalism, what is it?
pride in the achivements of the country and belife that americans are unique and dont follow the lead of another country
what case recognized the sanctity of business contracts?
dartmouth college crs. woodward
what was the monroe doctrine?
stated that the americas were closed to any further colonization
who paid for the cumberland road national road? congress or the local communities
the erie canal connected ----- with ----
Hudson River with lake erie
what impact did the erie cannal have on the west?
spead up colonization of the great lakes and trading between the east and the west, NY profited greatly
the industrial revolution began in -----
why did manufacturing centers spring up close to rivers and streams?
so that there was water power to run the machines
the technology of steam engine power began with steamboats and by the 1840s was used by another mode of transportation the ------
locamotive train
eli whitney's cotten gin changes the economy of what region of the nation?
the south
what city became a major commercial center, second only to new york city?
new orleans
what were camp meetings, held in the early and middle 1800s
gatherings where preachers said that salvation was within reach for all, and that christ was comming again
who was nat turner?
a slave who rebelled against his owners with a group of followers, killing 60 men
what was the missouri compromise?
equal slave and free states, and mussoui and maine were declared states
jackstonian democracy means?
a new democratic spirit caused byjackson's election, where people no longers wanted their 'betters' to make desisions for them
the practice of giving government jobs to political backers is called
spoils system
the indian removal act of 1830 forced indians from the south to -----
public lands beyond the mississippi of what it now oklahomah
what was the doctrine of nullification?
stated that the congress had to power to pass laws that favored one section or the country
who was daniel webster?
a new englander who brought forth the idea of states withdrawing from the union
what was Godey's Ladys Book?
a magazine that set standards of women including conduct mannars and dress
who was dorthea dix?
led a movement to help get more humane teatement for the prisoners and the insane
what was an abolutionist?
people who were dedicated to abolishing slavery
what was one of the rights called for in the secca falls decaration fo womens rights?
the right to vote
who was john mcloughlin?
the manager of a fur trading enterprise in pregon
how many months did it take for settlers to travel the pregon trail from independence missouri to the willamette valley?
who founded the first american sttlement in texas?
stephen F austin
explain what maifest destiny means?
the acquisition of pregon california and texas
what religious sect settled salt lake sity utah?
when was gold discoverent in cali? begining the gold rush?
who wrote uncle tons cabin?
harriet ceecher stowe
why did john brown attack the arsenal in horpers ferry?
because he hoped to state a slave revolt all through the south
was he successful in his goal?
no and yes because he inspired so many more people
what states seceded and set up a new nation?
mississippi, florida, alabama, georgia, lousisia, and tesas
what percentages of white families in the confeerates states owned slaves?
the civil war went from ---- to ----
1861 to 1865
who was clara barton?
established the red cross, bringing releif in the times of war
what supreme court decision wait that 'separate but egual' was leagal?
plessy vrs ferguson
who was fredrick weywehaeuser?
the owner of a huge logging company
another big gold rush errupted, where was it?
according to the turrner thesis, as long as there was unsettled land, americans could always......
begin new lives in new land
who was john muir?
immigrent who playhed a major role in consercing the land
where was the frist subway?
richmond virgina 1887
where did the second wave of immigration come from?
italyh poland greece and russia
why did they come?
greater economic oppertunity
how did political 'bosses' help immigrants?
they gave them money to vote for them
who was the russian immigrant what wrote what christmas and had a major impact on american popular music?
irving berlin