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Republican Party
Northern Party only- started in 1850's- Lincoln was first major candidate from party
Interstate Slave Trade
Selling slaves fromm NE Slave states to the SW section of the US- Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas
Abraham Lincoln
Republican-ran for Illinois Senate vs. Douglass- took a more radical stand than DOuglass did. Ended up losing to Douglass- however the Lincoln- DOuglass Debates lead him to the Nat'l Spotlight and helped Republicans to form party's believes
Charles Sumner
Senator who made comments against slavery. Was beaten by Preston Brooks from SC- One of events that described the tension in the country- lead to Civil War
James Buchanan
Democrats candidate for President in 1856, endorsed popular sovereignty in teh territories- won election did nothing when the Southern States seceed. Weak president and Pro-South
Agriculturalists owning 20 or more slaves, less tahn 4% of the total white population in the South
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Author of Uncle Tom's cabin- purely fictional best seller that gave the country a glimpse of what slavery was like.
Most influential literature of the time- Nat'l best seller, had no personal knowledge of slavery
Emotional threat- from books portrayl of slavery as a threat to the family adn the cult of domesticity
Underground Railroad
A way for slaved to escape to the free Northern States or Canada- mostly lead by freed blacks from North. Largely a black operated enterprise
Stephen A. Douglass
Senator who wanted people to move West to unify the Country- expand RR-take minds off of slavery
Slave Family
Slaves have a strong and binding sense of family and kinship- close bonds united mothers, fathers, and children- parents shared child rearing responsibilities. Marital bonds were encouraged by owners (believed to produce more offspring)
Lincoln-Douglass Debates
Illinois Senate Race between Lincoln and Douglass. Debates brought Lincoln to Nat'l attention and to party spotlight
Harriet Tubman
Made regular visits to the South to help lead slaves into freedom
Ostend Manifesto
Acquire Cuba no matter what it takes- memo from Pierce administration. Caused uproar, from those anit-salvery, seen as a way to extend slavery
Nat Turner
Leader of the bloodiest slave revolt of all times. He led this band from plantation to plantation killing nearly 60 whites. After this rebellion, slaves had a more realistic sense of their odds of confrontation against whites
Election of 1860
Shatters democratic party-
Lincoln- Republican
Douglass- Democrats candidate, from North
John Bell- New Party- w/goal of preserving Union
John Breckinridge- Southern Democrate candidate
Wilmont Proviso
At end of Mexican War- he amended the treaty to say that sections acquired from this was couldn't have slavery, didn't pass
Millart Fillmore
Voted with the compromise of 1850- replaced Taylor after his death
David Walker
Wrote- Appeal the Colored Citizens of the World.
denounced slavery and called for a black revolt- Africian American
John Brown- Harpers Ferry
Brown led a small band of men across the Potomac River and seized the federal arsenal and armory from Harper's Ferry. goal was to launch a guerrilla was from havens to the Appalachians that would eventually extend to the plantation regions of the South.
Was executed and tried for treason- deemed a Martyr in the Northern states
Fugitive Slave Law
A fugitive slave must be returned to the South if caught in the North
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Get people to move West- Douglass wanted people to move West, and wanted them to decide if the state was slave or free
Hinton R Helper
Antislavery Southern-
Tried to convince people that plantations created a priviledged class and didn't allow for economic opportunities for the nonslaveholder white majority class.
Wrote Impending Crisis of the South- anyone caught with this book was beaten or lynched. Book was an appeal to nonslaveholders to take power and resist planter regime
Dred Scott vs Stanforth
Missoiri slave sued for his freedom cuz he lived for years in area where slavery wasn't outlawed by the MI Compromise.
Supreme Court ruled agaist Scott- not a citizen of the US, therefore he can't sue.
declared MI Compromise unconstitutional
Cotton Kingdom
"Cotton is King"
The SOuthern US had the most economic interest in thse US precivil war. 3/4 of the world's cotton came from this area. Southern orator proclaimed that "Cotton in King."
John Brown
Killed a Pro-slavery group in cold blood. Helped Republican launch their campaign of "Bleeding Kansas"
Frederick Douglass
Escpaed slave who became an abolitionist orator, the freed blacks most eloquent leader- Founded the North Star newspaper- which gave blacks a chance to speak of liberation
lived too high up too succeed at farming- relied on hunting, lumbering, and whishey rebellion
Black Christianity
Covert Slave Religion
Incorporated elements of Africian religion and stressed those portions of the Bible that spoke to teh aspirations of an enslaved people thirsting for freedom-
* highly emotional affair that featured singing, shouting, and dancing. Atmosphere resembled a backwoods revival meeting. Adaptation of Africian religious beliefs adn customs
Gave Africian Americans some sense that they were members of a community, not just a collection of individuals victimized by oppression. Whole plantations joined under kinship traits
Yeoman Farmers
Own the land that they work themselves
Compromise of 1850
Many seperate events that link together to form this compromise
Popular Sovereignty
The people of the territory could decide if it's slave or free, caused a civil war in Kansas
Zachery Taylor
President against slavery- died in office, food poisoning- ran for president without a platform, whigs party candidate