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When a congressman votes based on all possible considerations
To redistribute the seats of the house
the people who are being represented
the job of checking on the agencies of the executive branch
oversight function
to destribute seats of the house
drawing lines infavor of the party that is in control
the time that Congress meets to do its work
the length of time someone is in office
Voting on the merit of an issue
because all of the seats are never up for election at the same time
continuous body
This is almost never called by the president because they are almost always in session
special session
elections held between presidential elections
off-year elections
you must be a citizen atleast nine years to be a member of what
Voters choose among candidates running exclusively in their district under this system of election
single- member district
a comitee members duty to check to see if the executive agencies is doing their job
oversight function
The first duty of a member of congress
because senate elections are based on this each senator is chosen from a state wide slate of candidates.
when voting as one of these a congressman votes based on the people back home?
The # of seats each state gets is set by who?
census buereau
The lawmaking function of congress is central do democracy becuse
the means by which public becomes public policy
Since WWII each session of Congress typically last how long?
most of the year.
Which of the Following about the house of Rep.
the # of seats is fixed by the Constitution
Who is responsible for Gerrymandering congressional districts?
State Legislators
In congress screening bill for floor consideration is the job of who?
Comitee members
Which qualification fro the House members is not in the Constitution?
They must live in the district they represent
The Fact that all congressional districts in a state all have # of people so that one person vote is equal to another.
Westbury vs. Sanders
Which state ment about the Senate is true?
There are two members from each state
_______ may not represent Utah in the senate because
only been a citizen for 8 years
Congress tries to avoid public out cry over its pay
giving itself numerous less obvious benefits
What are the two limits on Congressional pay
presidential veto power-
fear of voter backlash
Describe the 3 reasons congress is bicameral
Practical- solved conflict between Va and Nj plan
Theoreical- one house could check the other
Historical- British parliment had been bicameral for 400 years.