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When did The Revolutionary War started and ended?
What is the action for which the Army was awarded it's first battle streamer and when did it happen?
The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga on the 10 may 1775
In what year did George Washington became the first Commander in Chief of the Continental Army?
1775 Jul 03
When was The Declaration of Independence was esablished?
1776 Jul 04
Durund this year the Army received it's first real training by a former Prussian Officer named Baron Friedrich Von Steuben at Valley Forge
When was The Constitution of the United States written?
1787 (Ratified in 1789)
when did the civil war started and ended?
When was The Medal of Honor was established by a Congressional Act?
JUL 12 1863
When did The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?
1941 Dec 07
When did The army officially announced that "The Army goes rolling along" was the Official U.S. Army song?
1956 Nov 11.composed by LT. Edmund L. Gruber in 1908. It was dedicated on Veterans day of 1956 by the Secretary of the Army.
When was The position of Sergeant Major of the Army was established.
1966 Jul 04
When did Operation Enduring Freedom started
2001 Oct 07
When did Operation Iraqui Freedom started
2003 Mar 19
How many U.S. Army five-star generals have there been and who were they?
Five Generals of the Army
General George C.Marshall Douglas MacArthur.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Henry H. Arnold.
Omar N. Bradley
What does the "D" signify in D-Day, and the "H" signify in H-Hour?
D-day and H-hour are used for the day and hour on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated.
D-day for the invasion of Normandy was set for June 6, 1944
What is the official birthday of the Army.
U.S. Army - 14 June 1775
What is the youngest/oldest branch of service?
Oldest- U.S. Army - 14 June 1775(official b-day)
youngest-18 Sept 1947 (official b-day)
What was the department of the army known as before 1947?
It was known as the war department.
When was the department of defense created.
AUG 10 1949
When did the ARMY officially anounced that the ARMY goes rolling along was the official U.S. army song.
DEC 12 1957