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What is the sunbelt?
Southern and southwestern regions of the US known for temperate climates.
What is the metropolitan area?
Central city and its surrounding suburbs.
What are the goods of the Mid-West?
Oats, sorghum, and barley.
What is industrilization?
Setting up manufacturing that used machinery.
What is dry farming?
A way of plowing that holds water in the soil.
What is the seasonal warm wind that blows down the Rocky Mts. in late winter.
What is Timberline?
Elevation in which it is too cold for trees to grow.
What is contour Plowing?
Farming method in which plowed furrows follow the natural curve of the land, lessening erosion.
What is crop rotatian?
Farming method in which different crops are alternated in the same field, preserving nutrients.
1 4 of the land in the US is what?
What are the most important grains in the world?
Wheat, corn, rice
What is Interdependence?
Relying on each other for certain services.
What does the Great Lakes have for goods?
Apples, Peaches, Cherries
What does the Northeastern Us have for goods?
Vegetables, cabbage, string beans, tomatoes.
What does Canada have for goods?
Barley, flaxseed, Oats, and Rye.