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wilmot proviso
proposal that slavery shall not exist in the territories aquired from Mexico after Mexico-American War
John Brown's Raid
failed attempt to incite a slave uprising in VA; John Brown was hanged for treason; Southerners convinced that Northereners were plotting slave uprisings everywhere
Adv./Dis. of Union and Confed.
union: population 22 mil; 92 % industry; 75% nation's rrs; 75% nation's wealth

Confederate: 9 mil; very little industry; few RRs; most wealth in lands and slaves; brilliant, bold military leaders
Habeas Corpus
court order requiring authorities to bring a prisioner before the court so that the court can determine whether the prisioner is being held legally
confederate holdout; prevented union from taking complete control of Mississippi
3 day battle; crippled south and lee never invade another northern state
ulysses s. grant
general of union army in western theather and, ultimatley whol army; institued policies of unconditional surrender and total war
lincoln's changing position on slavery
1858: believed in supremacy of whites;

1861: preserve the union, not free slaves (1st inag. address)

1862: supports colonization

1863: Emancipation Proclamation- freed all slaves that were in states against the union

1865: 2nd inag. address freed all slaves
election of 1864
lincoln won second term against Johnson
white southereners who joined republican party
radical republicans
congressional republicans, who after the civil war wanted to destroy political power of former slaveholders and to give African Americans full citizenship and the right to vote
Jim Crow Laws
laws enacted by southern state and local gov. to seperate whites and blacks in public and private facilities
group of people that run seperate companies as one corportation (i.e. Standard Oil)
a combination of independent business organizations formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of goods by memebers
collective bargaining
discussion between rep. of labor and managment for the purpose of negotiating an agreement on wages, hours, and working conditions
a strike in which the workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached
homestead strike
repeadily cut wages; Frick had sent in strike breakers & national guard was sent to protect strikebreakers
pullman strike
workers @ Pullman Palace Car Company walked off job; Clevland sent fed. troops to break strike (protect delivery of mail)
Emma Lazarus
The New Colossus: famous poem celebrating the Statue of Liberty
political machines
organized group that controls a political party in a city and offers services to voters and businesses in exchange for political and finacial support
tammany hall
NY city's powerful and corrupt political machine; boss tweed was in charge of Tammany Hall (1868-1871); estimates of total amount that Tammany Hall stole from NY city range from 30 mil-200 mil
Thomas Nast
political cartoonist- helped arose public outrage against Tammany Hall's corruption and helped break the Tweed Ring in 1871
organized effort to prevent the drinking of alchol
18th amendment
outlawed the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alchol
people, rather than the legislature, introduce and enact a law
people may remove the governor, lieutent governor, or members of the state legislature from
people approve or reject a law that is already passed by the legislature
16th amendment
legalized federal income tax on earnings
17th amendment
US senators are elected directly by people
19th amendmemnt
guarantees women the right to vote
members of press - investigated corruption in order to expose problems to Americans
WEB DuBois
african american activits; attacked Booker T Washingtn for not doing more in campaign for African American civil rights; formed Niagra Movement; helped form the NAACP and was editor for its magazine
Social darwinism
idea that humans, like animals and plants comete in struggle for existence; "survival of the fittest"
monroe doctrine
declared US had interest in western hemisphere and europe powers must not meddle in affairs at any developing nations there
open door policy
European nations share trading rights in China with US
roosevelt corollary
an amendment to the Monroe doctrne; US was going to act as international police power in Latin America
dollar diplomacy
US businesses invest in many Latin American countries; use tread instead of warships; used to justify keeping Eurp[e out of western hemisphere
alfred thayer mahan
argued that naval power was key to success in international politics; nation controlled seas hold decisive factor in modern warfare
albert beveridge
indiana senator; pushed for new territory on economic grounds
stronger nations extend their economic, political, and miliary control over weaker nations
yellow journalism
sensational stories published about Spanish problems in Cub
USS Maine
ordered to protect Americans, mysteriously blew up (266 Americans killed); US newspapers blamed Spain
Rough riders
voluntary cavalry; led by Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood
spanish minister of US wrote letter to friend in Cuba; called McKineley weak; letter stolen and published in US newspaper; Americans wanted war with Spain
Boxer Rebellion
Chinese rebellion against western influences
panama canal
hay-bunau-varilla treaty- US control canal in reutrn for protection for 90 mil/year;

1921- us paid colombia 25 mil for compensation
seward's folly
alaskan territory
annexation of hawaii
American sugar planters gain control of Hawaii's gov; after the Spanish-American war US annexes Hawaii in 1898; in 1959 Hawaii becomes 50th state
Susan B. Anthony
women's suffragist; helped establish NWSA; arrested for attempting to vote in NY
second great awakening
19th centruy religious movement in which individual reponsibility for seeking slavation was emphazed; along with the need for personal and social improvement
religion that emphazied reason as path to perfrection; believed conversion was gradual process rather than one single emotional movement
Adams-Onis Treaty
Spain ceded FL to US; disavowed any claims it had to Oregon territory
Five civilized tribes
cherokee; choctow; seminole; creek; and chickasaw all adopted white culture
fifty-four forty or fight
slogan used in 1884 presidential election as call for US annexation of Oregon territory
sand creek massacre
200 cheyenne killed by colonel john chivington
battle of little big horn
2000 sioux warriors defeat custer's 7th cavalry in 20 min.
wounded knee
300 unarmed sioux killed; centered on ghost dance
grange movement
organization that helped mid-western farmers fight for gov. regulation of rrs
factory susyem
power-drive machinery and laborers assigned to different tasks under one roof
memebers of a church founded by Jospeh Smith- practiced polygamy; settled in utah to avoid persecution
Dawes Act
an 1887 law that broke up reservations into lots; each adult head received a lot; US gov. would sell remainder of lots to white settlers
Fugitive Slave Act
fugitives not entitled to jury trial;

fugitives could not testify;

anyone caught helped fugitives fined 1000
14th amendemtn
= rights to african americans
15th amendment
allows african americans to vote
Johnson's impeachemnt
tenure of office- president cannot move any cagbinet memeber with out consent from 2/3 senant;

johnson removed sec. or state- edwin stanton

house voted articles of impeachment to remove johnson (stays by one vote)