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True or False. With the Treaty of Paris ending the Spanish-American WAr, the United States became an imperial power.
True or False. Puerto Rico is now an independent country.
True or False. Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child, born to a wealthy New York family.
True or False. The British had started building a canal across Panama before turning the job over to the United States.
In the late 1800s, Europeans were looking overseas for places to sell their products because...
tariffs reduced trade among industrialized countries.
President Franklin Pierce sent a naval expidetion to Japan to...
force Japan to trade with the United STates.
The Philippines are now...
an independent country
THeodore Roosevelt was chosen as McKinley's running mate in the 1900 election because of his...
charism and war fame
American support for the rebels in Cuba was fueled by...
sensational stories published by newspapers: newspapers
Supporters of annexing the Philippines believed all of the following EXCEPT
a. the islands would provide the US with a naval base in Asia
b. the United States could profit from the islands' rich mineral resorces
c.the islands represented a large market for American goods
d. America had a duty to teach the less civilized.
b. the United States could profit from the islands' rich mineral resorces
Theodore Rossevelt became president...
when mckinley was assassinated
The purpose of the Open dorr Police in China was to...
ensure trading rights for all nations
Mathew C. Perry did what?
led a naval expidition to Japan
Alfred T. Mahan did what?
A naval officer who wrote a naval book
Lilioukalami did what?
She was the hawain manarch
William Howard Taft did what?
started dollar doplimacy
Enrique Dupuy de Lome did what?
ammbasador whose letter to president fueld americans toward spain.
True or False. Most cartbaggers went to the South to help Reconstruction efforts.
True or False. Black codes were passed by state legislatures to limit the rights of plantation ownters.
True or False. During Military Reconstruction the federal government protectedd freedmen's rights.
True or False. The Freedmans Bureau focused on feeding clothing and educationg blacks and whites in the south.
True or False. A pocket veto is used to keep bills from being passed into laws.
True or False. Thaddeus Stevens called for amnesty toward the South after the Civil WAr.
The Whisky RIng was...
a group of government officials and distillers who filed false tax reports.
Scalawags were
white southerners who supported Reconstructioin.
Reconstruction ended when...
Hayes pulled troops out of South.
Hitman Revels and Blanch Bruce were...
African-American Senators
Freemen were...
people that were formely enslaved African Americans after the Emancipation.
Lincolns Plan...
Wanted to forgive the south for leacing the Union &
Required 10% of the registered vorets to take an oathe of loyalty.
13th Amendment
abolished slavery
14th Amendment
granted citizenship to all naturlized or us born citizens except native americans.
15th Amendment
gave ALL males over 21 right to vote.
Early Prospectors would extract shallow deposits of ore by
placer mining
The Chilsom Trail was a trail that
cowboys used to drive cattle to a railroad line for sale
At first ranchers saw barbed wire as a threat because it
kept herds from roaming free
After ore near the surface dwindled minig corporations began...
quartz mining
What had an advantage on the Great Plains because
it could withstand drought better than other crops.
Before Sand Creek Massacre, the Cheyenne had come to CAmp Lyon to
The army encouraged white hunters to kill buffalo to
force Native AMericans onto reservation.
THe confrontation at Wounded Knee occured because the chiefs followers
continued to perform a ritual.
Homestead Act did what?
was where a family could file for a homestead for 10 dollars and recive up to 160 acres of land and would have to maintain the land for 5 years to recieve it.
Dawes Act was what?
Natice Americans would try to assimilate into the community. THe reservations would disapear and the head of houseload would get 120 acres. Singles would get 80 acres. 40 acres would be givent to children.
Assimilation means...
to assimilate or to be absorbed into american culture.
By the 1890s more than half of all immigrants in the us were
eastern and southern europeans
in late 1800s the most common form of mass transit in cities was...
Angel island was...
for the asians
ellis island was
for the europeans
politacal machines provided new city dwellers with the necessities such as jobs, housing and police protectioin in exchange for...
What ratio of immigrants stayed in New York City?
Most people in streetcat suburbs were...
middle class
William M. Tweed was
a corrupt party boss in a political machine.
where most of the mimmigrants were on there ride to AMerica and was the cheapest accomadation on a steam ship.
pull factors
1. Plenty of land and work
2. Higher standard of living
3. Democratic political system
4. Oppurtunity for social advancement
push factors
1. poverty and worker uncertainty
2. wars
3.Political tyranny
4. Religous oppresion
True or False. Most railroads nearly went bankrupt building their lines because the governments land grands were not sufficient to cover the costs of construction
Even before the invention of the automobile, petrolem was in high demand because it could...
be turned into kerosene.
Befcause of the shortage of workers in California the Central Pacific Railroad hired workers from...
Lassez Faire relies on...
supply and demand
Economies of scale resulted in
lower costs and lower prices
corporations can achieve economie of scale by...
investing in more machines and larger manufacturing facilities
Wich of the following choices best describes the diagram
{cattle> Slaughterhouse> Meat Packing Plants> Ace Meat Industries}
vertical integration
laissez faire believed the government should interfere in the economy only to
protect property rights and maintain peace
Which of the following choices best describes the diagram?
Oil co A + Oil co B + Oil Co C = Mega Oil Co.
horizontal integration
Operating costs are (example)
wages shipping charges and supplies
Fixed costs were (example)
loans, mortgages, and taxes
lassez faire literally was
"let people do as they choose"
Andrew Carnigie did this (2)
1. verticaly intergrated his company
2.Produced steel
John D. Rockefeller did this (2)
1. horizontally integrated
2. oil
Alexander Graham bell
invented telophone.
Name 2 railroad companies and where they started
Union Pacific - Omaho
Central Pacific - Sacromento