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horseshoe kidney
Trisomy 18 association (edwards syndrome)
Turners syndrome (girls, webbed necks, amormorrhea, short, barrel chjested)
Fused at bottom, compressed by IMA; potential for uetral obstruction/hydronephorsis

renal function usually normal
Tuberous sclerosis associated
These tumors are generally harmatomas
tuberous sclerosis
facial lesions (adenoma sebaceum), hypopigmented ash leaf spots on skin, cortical/retinal harmatomas, seizures, mental retardation, renal cysts and renal angiomyolipomas, cardiac rhabomyomas, increased incidence of astrocytoma

incomplete pentrance, variable presentation
bilateral cysts in kidney
APKD1/2 mutation
htn 2 incresaed renin production

associated w polycystic livr disease, berry aneurysms, mitral valve prolapse

hepatic fibrosis -> portal hypertension

oligohydraminos -> fetal compresssion -> pulmonary hypoplasia and renal dysfunction and potters fascies

PKDH1 gene -> fibrocystin defect
where does the amniotic fluid come from?
fetal urine

if renal deficiency (ARPKD = PKHD1 gene mutation -> fibrocystine mutation) -> potters
transitional cell carcinoma
mc tumor of urinary tract system (95%); can occur in renal calyces, renal pelvis, ureters and bladder); painless hematuria is suggestive of bladder cancer

associated w problems in your Pee SAC = Phenacetin, Smoking, Aniline dyes, and Cyclophosphamide
painless hematuria
suggestive of bladder cancer (transitional cell carcinoma)
jackstone calculus
A popular term for a stone in the urinary bladder with an irregular surface, indicating formation in a trabeculated bladder, so called because the stone’s spiculated appearance resembles that of a jack used in the children’s game of ball and jacks
superfisical perineal space
where blood would travel in a nut contusion; blood above penis, swollen nuts, no buttock involvement
Wilms tumor
mc renal malignancy of early childhood; huge palpable flank mass and or hematuria

contains embryonic glomerular structures

Deletion of tumor suppressor gene WT1 on chromosome 11. Can be part of WAGR complex: Wil'ms tumor, Aniridia, Genitourinary malformation, and mental motor Retardation)
Wil'ms tumor, Aniridia, Genitourinary malformation, and mental motor Retardation)