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Which functions are served by cell division?
It allows surface area to keep up with the growing volume of an organism
-it replaces cells that wear out or are damaged
-it produces many types of cells that serve a variety of functions
Interphase is...
The period between cell divisions
During G1 and G2, cells synthesize...
Proteins, RNA, and other macromolecules
Adult cells that do not, or rarely, divide will be found primarily in what phase og the cell cycle?
Transmission of hereditary information is associated with...
After normal miotic division, how many chromosomes does each offspring cell contain, as compaared to the parent cell?
The same number
In eukaryotic cells, when does chromosome replication occur?
During interphase
Watson anc Crick described the DNA molecule as a ...
double-straded molecule
What keeps the new nitrogen basees together after they attack to the old nitrogen bases?
The hydrogen bonds between the nitrogen bases
Which of the following statements are true?
-all genes are alwasy expressed in all cel types
-Gene expression is random and occurs by chance
-Different cell types have different sets of genes
-Gene expression is controlled differently in specific cell types
-Gene expressions is controlled differently in specific cell types
DNA controls protein synthesis by...
encoding amino-acid sequence
mRNA carries the genetic code of DNA because
-the mRNA has a sequence exctly complementary to the DNA
The sequence of nucleotides in a messenger RNA molecule (mRNA) is determined by the squence of nucleotides in a....
DNA molecule
The ribiosomes of a cell are sites for the synthesis of....
Which compound is part of the structure of another compound that is listed:
-amino acids
-nucleic acids
-none of the above
Amino acids
Which compounds are catalytic proteins
Amino acids
One type is abbreviated as DNA
nucleic acids
They act to change the rate of chemical reactions
One type is the carrier of hereitary information
Nucleic acids
How did scientists determine hat using a single and soble nitrogen bases for the coeds foramino acids would not be sufficient?
Scientists knew that there were 20 different amino acids therefore at least 3 bases were needed
Which molecule contains thymine?
DNA molecules
Which molecules are capable of duplicating themselves in plants and animals
DNA molecules
Which molecules are composed of a specific aminoacid sequence?
Neither DNA nor RNA
Three nucleotides, when taken together, represent a hereditary code (reference is made to)
Both DNA and RNA
The code alphabet seems to consist of 4 letters, or nucleotides (reference is made to)
both DNA and RNA
The functioning of the code occurs in the robosomes (reference is made to)
proteins are composed of amino acids (refverence is made to)
neither DNA nor RNA
The code is involved in protein synthesis (reference is made to)
both DNA and RNA
This molecule has the ability to duplicate itself (reference is made to)
The transfer type has a singe code word (reference is made to)
Of the folling molecules which one can bind to DNA sequences and control gene expression?

For what type of product does an intron code?
no functional product
The production of proteins is directde by the DNA beause it is the template for...
During protein synthesis, the substnce that attaches to a particular amino-acid molecule and posistions it on a ribnosome is...
The purpose of the signal sequence found in many proteins is...
to identify proteins for transport to the endoplasmic reticulum and ecentually for transport to the site of function
Male honeybees and desert whiptales are produced by female parents alone. What could one conclude about tehse offspring?>
The offspring are genetically identical o their mothers
The one form of reproduction found in each of the 5 kingdoms is...
asexual reproduction
The process whereby a part of a parent organism breaks away and develops into a new indivicual is referred to as...
Sexual reproduction is a process by which
nuclei of 2 sepreate cells fuse into 1
What happenes during asexual reproduction?
No chance in chromosome number
What happens during gamete formation?
A change from diploid to haploid
What change happens to chrtomosome number during fertilization?
a change from haploid to diploid
Fertilization is accomplished when....
the egg and sperm nuclei unite
The polar bodies produced with the ovum evantually...
remove excess genetic material then disinegrate
In meiosis the chromosomes are replicated during...
it begins with duplicated chromosomesconsisting of jointed pairs of sister chromatids
prophase I
it begins with a pair of cells each containg a single set of chromosomes
prophase II
homologous chromosomes pair and cross over
prophase I
homologous chromosomes migrate to opposite poles of the dividing cell
anaphase I
This phase differens from a similar phase in mitosis in that no duplication of chromosomes begins it
prophase I
Immediatelyafter thisphase, sister chromatids line up in the cener of the dividing cell in preparation for separating
prophase I
If there are 2 cells each with the homologous pairs, what is represented?
Conjucation in unicellular eukaryotes is an example of...
sexual reproduction
Meiosis I in the human female is completed jsut before...
Histones are
nuclear proteins