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Charter/propriety colony
owned bya single or individual group
joint stock/ corporate colony
owned by a group of investors and run through a corporation
royal colonies
owned and ruled by a king
New England
Plymouth colony, Mass., Conn. Rhode Island
Middle Colonies
Penn., New York
Southern colonies
Virginia, Maryland, Georgia
first permanent settlement in 1607 and 1st example of self government with developement of House of Burgess
House of Burgess
representative assembly
Plantation system
system developed in the south to raise large crops and own many farmlands
tht theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys
Indentured servants
people paying off a debt in labor (about 7 years)
the concept of owning a person as a piece of property
middle passage
slaves made on the journey to america
triangle trade route
trade route where america sends raw materials to England, England sends manufactured goods to Africa, and Africa sent slaves to America
puritans that elft England to practice their religion in New England (mayflower)
persecutd in England because they wanted the church of England to be "purified" at Catholic rituals
Fundamental orders of Connecticut
established a representative assembly in connecticut
Town meetings
a "direct democracy" where all citizens of town meet and make decisions (Gilmore Girls)
Salem With Trials
1692 execution of ppl accused of witchcraqft in massechusettes
religious dissenters
ppl who fought for religion
religious group in Penn. led by William Penn- believed in equality, tolerance, pacifism
persecuted in some colonies; accepted in MD and middle colonies
American Indian
many different tribes that struggled with English settlers for land
salutary neglect
a lack of management of the American colines by Britain
Navigation Acts
restricted the trade of the colonists and were hardly enforced
Bacon's rebellion
early conflict between Virginia frontier farmers and Gov sir william berkeley
French and Indian War
England fighting for the territory with the french
Proclamation of 1763
colonists were told that they could not expand west into the territory the had won by fighting
Stamp Act
there was a direct tax paid the the government and affected the average person
Stamp Act congress
reps from 9 colonies meet and declare "no taxation without rep."
Declaratory Act
Albany plan of Unoin
Sons of Liberty
Boston Massacre
a group of colonists were harrasing british troops; 5 colonists died