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What organizational levels are used in procurement?
- Client
- Company code
- Plant
- Storage location
- Purchasing organization
Define purchasing group
A buyer or group of buyers responsible for certain purchasing activities.
List 3 types of purchasing organizations and the organizational levels to which they are respectively assigned
- Plant-specific purchasing (plant)
- Cross-plant purchasing (company code)
- Cross-company-code purchasing organization (client)
What master data is used in procurement?
- Material master
- Vendor master
- Purchasing info records
- Conditions
Besides Purchasing, who else maintains the vendor master and why?
Accounting, because a vendor is a crediting business partner
General vendor data is stored at the _____ organizational level.
Vendor accounting data is stored at the _____ organizational level.
company code
Purchasing data for the _____ is stored separately for each purchasing organization.
List 2 kinds of optional vendor master data.
- plant
- vendor sub-range
List 4 kinds of information you can store in a purchasing info record
- current and future prices and conditions
- delivery data
- vendor data
- texts
List and describe the 3 types of purchasing conditions
- Conditions in a contract apply to all release orders that reference the contract
- Conditions in purchasing info records apply to all purchase order items that contain the material and vendor
- Extended conditions are included if purchase order meets special criteria. More flexible than the other two types.
List the 8 steps of the procurement process
1. Determine requirements
2. Determine source of supply
3. Select vendor
4. Create purchase order
5. Monitor purchase order
6. Goods receipt
7. Verify invoice
8. Process payment
List 2 ways a purchase requisition can be generated
- Manually
- Automatically by MRP
Purchasing converts a purchase requisition into either a _____ or a _____.
- request for quotation (RFQ)
- purchase order (PO)
Before converting a purchase requisition into a purchase order, the buyer has to define the _____.
source of supply
Consumable materials are procured specifically for a _____.
account assignment object
List 5 account assignment objects to which consumable materials might be assigned
- cost center
- asset
- project
- production order
- sales order
Vis-a-vis material master records, describe 3 kinds of consumable materials
- without material master record
- with material master record, but not subject to inventory management (either quantity or value)
- with material master record, and subject to inventory management on quantity basis (but not valuation)
List 4 data that you must enter when procuring consumable materials that do not have a material master record
- short text (description)
- material group
- order unit
- account assignment category
A purchase order may be created with a reference to _____ (list 4 possible values)
- nothing
- a purchase requisition
- a request for quotation
- another purchase order
List the 2 possible next steps after creating a purchase order
- send it to a vendor
- execute a stock transport order
You define whether the material is intended for stock or direct consumption in the _____.
purchase order
List 4 types of documents in which the source determination function might look to suggest a possible vendor
- outline agreements
- info records
- source list entries
- quota arrangements
List 6 item categories that might be set during procurement
- Standard
- Subcontracting
- Consignment
- Stock transport orders
- Third-party orders
- Services
The _____ defines the process used to procure a material or service
item category
When a goods receipt to the warehouse is posted, a _____ is created. If the goods receipt is relevant for valuation, a _____ is created as well.
- material document
- accounting document
A transaction that causes a stock change is a _____.
goods movement
List 4 types of goods movements
- goods receipts
- goods issues
- stock transfers
- transfer postings
If material is generally subject to a quality check on receipt, set the "Post to inspection stock" indicator in the _____.
material master
If material is only occasionally subject to a quality check on receipt, set the "Post to inspection stock" indicator in the _____.
relevant document (purchase order or production order)
List the 3 stock types in inventory management that indicate the usability of the material
- unrestricted use
- in quality inspection
- blocked stock
If the usability of a material changes, a _____ is posted.
transfer posting
List 10 possible effects of a goods receipt
- Material stock updated
- Material value updated
- Accounting document created
- Material document created
- Stock/consumption GL accounts updated
- Inspection lot in QM created
- Transfer requirement in warehouse management created
- Goods receipt slip (hard copy) created
- Notification of goods receipt created
- PO and PO history updated
List the 3 inputs of invoice verification
- material document
- invoice
- purchase order
List the 2 outputs of invoice verification
- Invoice document
- Accounting document
List and describe 2 types of invoice verification
- Purchase order based. Settled against PO. Possible to settle partial deliveries.
- Goods receipt based. Settled against goods receipt. If invoice is greater than GR quantity, invoice cannot be posted.
List 3 effects of invoice verification
- Accounting document
- PO history is updated
- If invoice price varies from PO price, stock value and moving average price are recalculated
List the 5 steps of making a payment
1. Select payment method and bank
2. Select items to be paid
3. Calculate payment amount, including discounts
4. Post the payment
5. Print the payment medium (e.g. check)
List and describe 5 integration points between materials management and other modules
FI: Vendor data managed jointly by purchasing and FI
SD: sales are passed to purchasing
PP: tightly integrated through inventory
PM: Linked by BOMs and serial numbers
WM: MM controls inventory stock, WM controls inventory location
List 7 information systems available in logistics
- SIS: sales i.s.
- PURCHIS: purchasing i.s.
- INVCO: inventory controlling
- TIS: transportation i.s.
- SFIS: shop floor i.s.
- QMIS: quality management i.s.
- PMIS: plant maintenance i.s.