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advice (noun)
opinion, suggestion, or recommendation on what should be done
advise (verb)
to counsel, recommend, or give information to
proceed (verb)
to go on after a stop or interruption
precede (verb)
to go or come before in order, place, or time
affect (verb)
to have an effect on; influence or change
effect (noun)
something made to happen by a person or thing; result
continual (adjective)
repeated many times; very frequent
continuous (adjective)
without a stop or a bread; unbroken
adapt (verb)
make fit or suitable; adjust
adopt (verb)
take or use as one's own
respectively (adverb)
as regards each of several persons or things in turn or in the order mentioned
respectfully (adverb)
in a manner that is considerate and polite
formerly (adverb)
at an earlier time
formally (adverb)
in a manner according to customs or rules
moral (noun)
lesson, inner meaning, or teaching of a story or event
morale (noun)
mental condition or attitude of a person or group as regards courage, confidence, enthusiasm
disinterested (adjective)
free from selfish motives; impartial; fair
uninterested (adjective)
paying no attention
descent (noun)
a downward slope; a family line or ancestry
dissent (verb)
disagree; withhold consent