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What other famous revolution was inspired by the ideals of the American Revolution?
The French Revolution
What did most Native Americans think would happen to them if Britain lost?
They would lose their land
Essay topic:What handicaps and setbacks did the Patriots face in the first years of the Revolutionary War?
Be sure to write in your own answer here
What southern state was solidly Patriot?(most southern states were loyalists)
What did Britain agree to at the Treaty of Paris(1783?
American Independence
Where did the Continental Army spend the winter of 1777-1778?
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Why did the number of eligible voters in America increase in the 1780's?
more people owned land
During the Revolution, where did Lord Cornwalis get most of his supplies?
from ships sent by the King
In 1776, what fraction of the colonists were Loyalists, Patriots, Neutral?
Loyalists 1/5, Patriots 2/5, Neutral 2/5
What did suppliers think about paper money?
they wouldn,t accept paper money(only gold or silver)
Where and how did Bernardo de Galvez help the Patriot war effort?
he defeated British armies in the Southwestern United States(denied British access to Miss. River)
Why did Washington have trouble maintaining his army?
Volunteers would not sign up for long terms
Where did Washington score a victory after a crossing of the Delaware River?
Trenton, New Jersey(locate on map, also locate Valley Forge)
Where was Burgoyne defeted by Americans Horatio Gatis and Beedict Arnold?
Saratoga, New York(locate On map)
What did France do to help the colonists in 1777?
donated funds to the Patriots
What did the surrender at Charleston in 1780 mean for the Patriots?
they lost most of their Southern army
What group made up the bulk of the British army?
Hessian mercenaries
Who won a victory at sea against the British?
John Paul Jones
What did the arrival of Rochambeau's troops in 1781 make possible?
Washington defeated British troops
Which nation's citizens began to oppose the war?
Which battle ended the Revolution?
Yorktown, Virginia