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gene technology
useful manipulation of DNA
recombinant DNA
altered genetic material
restriction endonucleases
enzymes that can cut DNA at specific points, found naturally in certain bacteria
recognition site
specific nucleotide sequence, where restriction enzymes cut
complementary ends
have a natural affinity for each other and are referred to as sticky ends
small circular loop of DNA, occur in bacteria
a carrier (e.g. plasmid, insect)which transmits something (e.g. DNA, pathogen)
DNA ligase
an enzyme that joins DNA strands
What is used to make bacterial membranes more permeable?
calcium ions
transformed cell
bacterium that has taken up recombinant DNA
a marker to identify desired bacteria
gene for antibiotic restiance
to hybridise
to cross
reverse transcriptase
it can make cDNA from mRNA
recombinant DNA technology can produce hormones such as ...
insulin, human growth hormone, blood clotting factors,...