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What are the 4 types of feeders, and what do they eat?
1.Detritivores (decaying,organic material) dung/carrion
2.Herbivores (veggies)
3.Fungivores (fungi)
What are mycangia/myotomes?
pouches to keep spores in
Ambrosia beetles or lymexylonids do what to wood?
Innoculate wood with fungi, spreads american/dutch elm disease.
Half of all insects are what type of feeder?
What is MFO?
Mixed function oxidizers. Cleansed through fatbody
What does polyphagus/oligophagus and monophagus mean?
Many foods/several species within genus and only 1 host.
What are the 5 types of "eating" insects?
2.sucking(transmit viri/feed on phloem)
3.miners and borers (eat wood/cambium)
4.seed predators(bruchid beetles)
5.Galls (hide in host and form a tumor on plant.
Carnivores are also known as?
What are 5 attributes to carnivores and an example of each?
1.Agility and speed (odanodata, wasps and robberflies)
2.Stealth (mantids/dragonfly nymphs)
3.Trappers/filter feeders (anything that spears)
4.Gasers(berothids [lacewings])
5.mommies/children (wasps supplying food)
What is a geometrid?
What is the difference between a parasite and a parasitoid?
Parasites feed on host, parasitoids eventually kill host.
Give an example of parasatoid behaviour.
Tachinida (hairy flies) lays eggs on leaf, catapiller eats then is consumed by larvae.
Are most wasps parasitic?
What is phoresy?
process of being transported without feeding on host. Hitchhikers.
What does the term hyperparasitism mean?
a parasite feeding on a specific parasite.