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Tibet's unique culture and music...
Extreme geographical isolation due to Himalayas.
1950s invasion by China ended this country's practice of religion...
Ability of Himalayan monks to sing two notes simultaneously by themselves.
Tibetan rituals alternate between...
choral chanting and instrumental ensembles.
Tibetan monks believe their loud clashing music...
attracts the deities.
Difference between northern Hindustani and southern Carnatic music...
North is vulnerable to invasion while south is stable.
Indian melody is based on this and what does it mean?
Raga- emotion, color
Dhrupad became the basis of modern music of N. India what does it begin with?
An invocation that explores the notes of the raga w/out a beat.
a semi-circle of tabla drums tuned to the notes of a raga.
drum of N. India that has a single string attached to a drumhead and can be tightened and loosened.
Carnatic music
Instrumentalists do not have a separate repertoire, but rather improvise on works that singers sing.
main south Indian double-headed drum.
most common double-reed instrument of wedding is complete w/out it.
Final portion of carnatic music...
a passage for solo drums.
Unifying factor of Afghanistan...
all profess Islamic faith.
Sorna and Dhol...
Afghanistan professional oboist and drummer born into their trade.
1950 radio broadcasts in E. Afghanistan led to this...
homogenization of musical tastes.
Taliban regime....
banned all music.
Persian 72 stringed hammered dulcimer...ancestor of western piano.
6 stringed lute also known as Sultane (king of all instruments) ancestor of European guitar.
Kurdish rural double-reed instrument played using circular breathing.
Ottoman empire of Turkey
Used military bands. Western composers such as Mozart and Beethoven were influenced by their percussion instruments.
warns of listening to music that leads to lewd behavior.
Before 1962 revolution, all playing of music instruments was forbidden. Ironic because the oud, the most widespread of all Arabic lutes came from Yemen.
Bedouins of Yemen
Bedouin is translated to "forest-dweller."
Bedouin gatherings...
when there is a gathering of tribes, men of each tribe begin singing songs that identify their cultural group.
Music from ancient Egypt...
greatly influenced music of classical Greece.
Gypsies also called...
Romany people wandered from Europe to India.
Gypsy is short for...